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From Rhetor to Theologian

Joanne McWilliam, editor, Timothy Barnes, editor,, Michael Fahey, editor, and Peter Slater, editor


$85.00 Hardcover, 247 pp.

ISBN13: 978-0-88920-203-0

Release Date: April 1992

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$48.95 Paper, 247 pp.

ISBN13: 978-1-55458-547-2

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About Joanne McWilliam, Timothy Barnes, Michael Fahey, and Peter Slater

Joanne Me William was professor emerita of Religious Studies at the University of Toronto. She was a pioneer woman in the academic study of theology, specializing in Patristic studies and internationally recognized for her work on Augustine.

T.D. Barnes is professor emeriti of Classics at the University of Toronto.

Rev. Dr. Michael A. Fahey, S.J. is the Dean Emeritus of the Faculty of Theology at the University of St. Michael’s College

C. Peter Slater is a professor of Divinity at Trinity College in Toronto, Ontario.


“This very fine volume consists of 14 specially commissioned essays in honour of the Canadian patristics scholar Joanne McWilliam.... There is a great deal to commend this volume to specialists and to more general readers interested in a range of new perspectives on Christology, or in new takes on classic themes.... [The] collection ... is a major contribution to christological studies, both historic and contemporary. Characterized by learned, lucid writing, these essays are not over-long. They tend to be intense and focussed, yet manage to avoid becoming dense. There are extensive endnotes for any who wish to pursue the references and the vast literature that stand behind these scholars’ offerings. The essays reflect a staggering range of engagement, from Paul and Augustine to Lombard, Luther, Calvin, and Schleiermacher; from Tillich, Schillebeeckx, and Niebuhr to Volf and contemporary Canadian cinema, among many other dialogue partners. The credal tradition is plumbed in satisfying depth, taking Chalcedon, Nicaea, Trent, and the Second Vatican Council into account, alongside Eastern Orthodox traditions.... One of the book’s strengths ... is its capacity to hold together essays that are both consonant and dissonant with McWilliam’s own theological agenda. This is a lasting testament to her wide interests and her respectful and interested engagement with those who disagreed with her. For sheer breadth of discussion, quality of scholarship, and freshness of prose, this collection is highly recommended. The reader will be delighted by the depth and imagination with which the various authors have made their contributions to christological studies in honour of a beloved friend and mentor.”

— Robert C. Fennell, Atlantic School of Theology, Journal of Theological Studies

“... a very welcome addition to the hundreds of items annually published about the greatest of western theologians.... The papers are a miscellany rather than a coherent story, but of high quality with provocative and speculative contributions.”

Theological Book Review