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Anti-Judaism in Early Christianity

Paul and the Gospels

Peter Richardson and David Granskou, editors

Studies in Christianity and Judaism Series

Paper 244 pp.

ISBN13: 978-0-88920-167-5

Release Date: April 1986

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The period since the close of World War II has been agonizingly introspective—not least because of the pain of reassessing Christianity’s attitude to Judaism. The early Christian materials have often been examined to assess their role in the long-standing negative attitude of Christians to Jews. The motivation for the early church’s sometimes harsh attitude was partly theological—it needed to define itself over against its parent—and partly sociological—it needed to make clear the line that divided the fledgling group of Christian believers fromt he group with which it was most likely to be confused. This collection of studies emphasizes the context and history of early Christianity in reconsidering many of the classic passages that have contributed to the development of anti-Judaism in Christianity. The volume opens with an essay that clearly delineates the state of the question of anti-Judaism in early Christianity. Then follow discussions of specific passages in the writings of Paul as well as the Gospels.

Peter Richardson taught religious studies at University College, University of Toronto.

Richard Granskou taught religious studies at Wilfrid Laurier University.


“A model for discussion of its kind.”

Religious Studies Review

Anti-Judaism in Early Christianity

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