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Message from the Series Editor

The Life Writing Series is the first of its kind in Canada. Its first book was published in 1995, and its thirty-third is soon to appear. From its inception, the Series has aimed to foreground the stories of women and men who may never have imagined themselves as writers or as people with lives worthy of being (re)told. As its mandate stipulates, the Series privileges those individuals and communities whose stories may not, under normal circumstances, find a welcoming home with a publisher.

Although the Series began locally — with Edna Staebler's collection of letters to and from her sister, Ruby — it has now laid claim in its own way to Canada's multicultural, multilingual, and international character. Its stories have reached into histories that are momentous — World War II, the Holocaust, the Great Depression, and numerous waves of immigration to all parts of Canada — and events that are momentous in an individual's life — childhood, adolescence, migration, marriage, illness. Its readership has expanded to include scholars, youth, and avid general readers both in Canada and abroad.

One thing we are most proud of is the huge diversity of genres, stories, cultures, and individuals the series has come to represent. It features a myriad of books that somehow touch on the subject of the self and its numerous representations. Among these texts are remarkable translations, classic memoirs and award-winning autobiographies, and provocative critical life writing theory about autobiographical writing and meaning. Going forward, the Series hopes to continue its work as a leading publisher of life writing of all kinds, as an imprint that aims for both broad representation and scholarly excellence and that serves as a tool for both historical and autobiographical research. We have many devoted readers to thank, and we reiterate our promise to continue to enliven and stimulate their reading experience in a different register and with sincere regard for the subtle illumination of the everyday and the ordinary, the historical, and the personal, all within the light of a single reading lamp.

Marlene Kadar, Editor, Life Writing Series