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Gate of the Heart

Understanding the Writings of the Báb

By Nader Saiedi
Subjects Religion
Series Bahá’í Studies Hide Details
Paperback : 9781554580569, 432 pages, March 2010

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Gate of the Heart: Understanding the Writings of the Báb by Nader Saiedi



A Short Chronological List of the Báb’s Writings

Part I: The Interpretive Revelation

The Mode of Interpretation

The Divine Chemistry of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth

The Remembrance, the Gate, and the Dust

The Structure of the Qayyúmu’l-Asmá’

The Qayyúmu’l-Asmá’ as Interpretation

Part II: The Metaphysics of the Primal Will and Divine Action

The Sanctuary of the Heart and the Path to Truth

The Primal Will as the Unity of Subject and Object

The Stages of Divine Creative Action

The Epistle of Justice and the Root Principles of Religion

Part III: The Primal Point and Progressive Revelation

Resurrection and Historical Consciousness

History and the Perspective of Unity

Community and the Primal Unity

Ethics and Laws in the Bayán

The Law of the Sword and the Twin Revelations





In 1844 a charismatic young Persian merchant from Shiraz, known as the Báb, electrified the Shí‘ih world by claiming to be the return of the Hidden Twelfth Imam of Islamic prophecy. But contrary to traditional expectations of apocalyptic holy war, the Báb maintained that the spiritual path was not one of force and coercion but love and compassion.

The movement he founded was the precursor of the Bahá’í Faith, but until now the Báb’s own voluminous writings have been seldom studied and often misunderstood. Gate of the Heart offers the first in-depth introduction to the writings of the Báb.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the author examines the Báb’s major works in multifaceted context, explaining the unique theological system, mystical world view, and interpretive principles they embody as well as the rhetorical and symbolic uses of language through which the Báb radically transforms traditional concepts. Arguing that the Bábí movement went far beyond an attempt at an Islamic Reformation, the author explores controversial issues and offers conclusions that will compel a re-evaluation of some prevalent assumptions about the Báb’s station, claims, and laws.

Nader Saiedi’s meticulous and insightful analysis identifies the key themes, terms, and concepts that characterize each stage of the Báb’s writings, unlocking the code of the Báb’s mystical lexicon. Gate of the Heart is a subtle and profound textual study and an essential resource for anyone wishing to understand the theological foundations of the Bahá’í religion and the Báb’s significance in religious history.

Co-published with the Association for Bahá’í Studies


"With special emphasis on the Báb's symbolism and logic, Gate of the Heart is based on meticulous scholarship and profound spiritual understanding. At the same time, it elucidates both the historic significance and contemporary relevance of the Báb's writings. Written in a clear and engaging style, Gate of the Heart is a welcome contribution to Bahá'í Studies, the study of World Religions, and the study of Spirituality. "

- Tamara Sonn, The College of William and Mary

"Gate of the Heart will doubtless be much appreciated by those seeking an introduction to the life and writings of the Báb, the Sayyid of Shiraz, who gave his life in promoting a new sacred book and a new religious law for the revolutionary transformation of humankind. In this way it is a worthwhile volume that contributes significantly to the neglected field of Babi-Bahá'í studies. "

- Stephen N. Lambden, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 130.2, 2010

"A pioneering and groundbreaking work . .. provides fundamental keys for understanding some of the distinctive features of the writings of the Báb. "

- Vahid Rafati, Centre for the Study of the Text, Haifa, Israel

"The author successfully embeds the discourse of the Báb in both nineteenth-century and contemporary thinking. His sociological approach does not rob these Writings of their revelatory grace, nor does his faith in those Writings preclude a detailed analysis of their significance for society. Students of religion, society, hermeneutics, and history of religion will welcome Gate of the Heart as a bridge between religion and social science. It offers a fine example of how others might approach an analysis of revelatory writing. "

- Will C. van den Hoonaard, Professor Emeritus, University of New Brunswick, and author ofThe Origins of the Baha'i­ Community of Canada, 1898-1948(WLUP, 1996)

"The writings of the Báb are like a giant puzzle in which we continually come across words and phrases that seem obscure; but if one persists the key to deciphering them can be found in a different part of the same work or even in another work of the Báb. Through his perseverance in finding these codes and putting them to use in reading key texts, Saiedi has enabled us to take a major step forward in understanding the Báb's works. "

- Moojan Momen, Religion, Vol. 40, 2010

"The Bahá'í Faith, a religion that is growing steadily around the world, claims two prophet-founders: the Bab and Baha'u'llah. While Baha'u'llah's teachings and works supersede those of the Bab and are most authoritative for Baha'is, the Bab's works retain scriptural status. For a figure who started a revolutionary new religion in Persia (Iran) in the first half of the nineteenth century and soon commanded thousands of devoted followers, a large number of whom were tortured and killed for their adherence to the new faith, who produced an extraordinary volume of treatises (some 27 works) of profound theological depth and subtlety, and whose own life was cut short at the age of 32 by the orders of the Shah, it is surprising that there is so little scholarship in English on the works of Siyyid Ali-Muhammed Shirazi, known as the Bab or `gate' (though Todd Lawson's work in this area is notable). Thus, Saiedi's erudite and illuminating exposition of the Bab's writings in indeed welcome. ... His analysis tends to be careful, balanced, and compelling. ... The Gate of the Heart is . .. not only for those interested in Babi studies, or in the Qur'anic interpretation or Shi'i theological debates, but also for anyone willing to consider some truly novel ways of understanding the grand tableau of religious history from the perspective of a faith that calls humanity to reconsider the conceptual basis upon which we will shape our common future. ''

- Anne M. Pearson, Studies in Religion, 39 (1)