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Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy of Religion

By John Williams
Subjects Religion, Philosophy
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Paperback : 9780919812031, 198 pages, March 1977
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554588213, 198 pages, October 2010

Table of contents

Table of Contents for
Martin Heidegger's Philosophy of Religion by John R. Williams


Chapter One: Heidegger and the Theologians

I. Previous Evaluations

A. Negative Evaluations of Heidegger's Philosophy

1. Catholic Theologians

2. Barth and the Barthians

3. Bultmannians

B. Positive Evaluations of Heidegger's Philosophy

1. Bultmann and Bultmannians

2. Heinrich Ott

3. Catholic Theologians

II. Evaluation of these Evaluations

A. Theological Evaluations of Heidegger's Philosophy

1. Man

2. God

3. Language

4. Revelation

5. Philosophy and Theology

B. Philosophers on the Philosophy of Religion

Footnotes to Chapter One

Chapter Two: American Philosophy of Religion

I. Survey of American Philosophy of Religion

William James

John Dewey

Alfred North Whitehead

Charles Hartshorne

Paul Tillich

John B. Cobb, Jr.

Schubert M. Ogden

John Macquarrie

Leslie Dewart

II. Evaluation of American Philosophy of Religion

Footnotes to Chapter Two

Chapter Three: Heidegger's Philosophy of Religion

I. The Relation of Philosophy and Religion

II. Critique of Metaphysical Theology

A. The Onto-Theo-Logical Nature of Metaphysics

B. Christianity and Metaphysics

C. The Death of God

III. Heidegger's Description of Man

A. Heidegger's Concept of Death

1. Death in Sein und Zeit

2. Death in the Later Heidegger

B. Man and Being

IV. Heidegger and Theism

A. The Holy

B. The Quadrant

C. The Event

V. Summary

Footnotes to Chapter Three

Chapter Four: Heidedgger and the Americans

I. Philosophy and Religion

II. Heidegger and Religion

A. Traditional Theology

B. Man

C. God

III. A Heideggerian Philosophy of Religion

A. Man and God

B. God and Man

IV. Heidegger and Philosophical Theology

Footnotes to Chapter Four


Index of Names

Index of Subjects


Following a critical review of previous theological scholarship on Heidegger and a survey of North American philosophy of religion, the book examines Heidegger’s philosophy of religion and its influence on the North American variety of the same.


``The attempt by Williams to capture the American scene in order to make more plausible an extension of Heidegger's ontology is indeed a boldly conceived enterprise, one requiring a treatment at once unified and cohesive and which at first sight would seem so unusual as to be almost impossible to sustain. Nevertheless, it is a project which has been carried through with sincerity and thoroughness. ''

- A.W.J. Harper, Dialogue, Vol. XXII No. 3, September 1983

``A well-informed and perceptive study. ... It is to Martin's credit that he starts our imagination working. ''

- University of Toronto Quarterly, Vol. XLVII No. 4, Summer 1978

``A competent and useful contribution to reflections on a rich topic. ''

- Religious Studies Review, Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1978