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Podcast Studies

Practice into Theory

Edited by Dario Llinares & Lori Beckstead
Subjects Film & Media
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Hardcover : 9781771126434, 382 pages, December 2024
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771126458, December 2024
Ebook (PDF) : 9781771126465, 382 pages, December 2024

Table of contents

The Practice of Podcast Studies – Lori Beckstead & Dario Llinares
Part 1: Podcasting as Academic Practice
Academic Podcasting: Media Practice in the Podcast “Space” - Dario Llinares
‘It’s in the Show Notes:’: Autoethnography of an Amateur Tech Podcaster - Martin Feld
On Idleness and Podcasting - Samuel M. Clevenger
Podcasting Toward Reckoning: A Journalistic Tool for Academic Subversion - Robert E. Gutsche, Jr.
Pod-a-Bye Baby: Podcasting as a Pathway to Continued Participation for Academic Parents - Liz Giuffre
From The Ivors to The Ivory Tower: Using Podcasting to Study Songwriting - Simon Barber
Part 2: Podcasting as Social and Cultural Practice
The Kitchen Table is Always Where We Are: Podcasting as Feminist Self-Reflexive Practice - Stacey Copeland, Hannah McGregor and Katherine McLeod
The Play of Podcasting: Liminoid Space and the Ethics of Voice in Collaborative Podcast Practice - Erin Cory
Podcasting Resurgence: Indigenizing the Airwaves - Tanya Ball, Sheila Laroque and Kayla Lar-Son
Talking the talk: A Conversational Cross-Cultural Analysis of a Podcast Story Told to Three Different Audiences - Tzlil Sharon and Nicholas John
Podcasting African Women: Lived Experiences and Empowerment - Yemisi Akinbobola
Podcasting Fandom as Public Pedagogy and Intersectional Literacy - Parinita Shetty and Dario Llinares
Part 3: Podcasting as Production and Pedagogic Practice
Context is King: Podcast Paratexts - Lori Beckstead
Podcast Drama, Hope Labour and Burnout - Leslie Grace McMurtry
Podcasting as a Contemporary Curation Practice: A Conversation with Projections Podcast’s Mary Wild and Sarah Cleaver - Neil Fox
Podcasting Pedagogy: The Power of Sound, Participation and Marginalized Voices in a Virtual Classroom - Kelli S. Boling
Rethinking Knowledge and Becoming Podcasters: Three Assignments as Pedagogical Tools to Decolonize College Classrooms - Jasmine L. Harris
Teaching Podcasting in the Context of Podcast Studies - Lori Beckstead in conversation with Richard Berry and Kim Fox
Conclusion: Podcast Studies: Now and Next


Podcast Studies: Practice into Theory critically examines the emergent field of podcasting in academia, revealing its significant impact on scholarly communication and approaches to research and knowledge creation.
This collection presents in-depth analyses from scholars who have integrated podcasting into their academic pursuits. The book systematically explores the medium's implications for teaching, its effectiveness in reaching broader audiences, and its role in reshaping the dissemination of academic work. Covering a spectrum of disciplines, the contributors detail their engagement with podcasting, providing insight into its use as both a research tool and an object of analysis, thereby illuminating the multifaceted ways in which podcasting intersects with and influences academic life.
The volume provides substantive evidence of podcasting's transformative effect on academia, offering reflections on its potential to facilitate a more accessible and engaging form of scholarly output. By presenting case studies and empirical research, Podcast Studies: Practice into Theory underscores the originality of podcasting as an academic endeavor and its utility in expanding the reach and impact of scholarly work. It serves as a key resource for academics, researchers, and practitioners interested in the application and study of podcasting as a novel vector for knowledge creation and distribution.