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Religious Studies in Ontario

A State-of-the-Art Review

By Harold Remus, Daniel Fraikin, and William Closson James
Subjects Education, Religion
Series Study of Religion in Canada Hide Details
Paperback : 9780889202061, 440 pages, March 1992


Most Ontario universities were established by Christian denominations; a Christian ethos was assumed and pervasive, and students were required to take courses designed to teach and inculcate religion. This insightful and comprehensive study demonstrates how, as Ontario society became secularized and pluralistic, so too did universities. Today, religion is again studies in university classrooms but as “religious studies,” a relatively new field that reflects the religiously pluralistic nature of Ontario and the world-wide explosion of knowledge.

This authoritative volume will be of interest to students of religion in and outside academic circles, to adminstratots of academic institutions and granting agencies and to persons wanting to know more about the social and cultural changes that have transformed Ontario and Canadian society.