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Social Work Practice in Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Edited by Kevin Stoddart, Ann Fudge Schormans
Contributions by Kevin Stoddart, and Ann Fudge Schormans
Subjects Social Science, Social Work
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Paperback : 9781771126403, February 2025

Table of contents

Table of Contents
SECTION ONE: Introduction to Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 1: “Intellectual Disability”: What Self-advocates Labelled/with Intellectual Disability Want Social Work to Know by Ann Fudge Schormans, Sue Hutton, Marissa Blake, Antoinette Charleboix, Paul Cochrane, Shineeca McLeod and Marie Slark
Chapter 2: An Introduction to the Autism Spectrum across the Lifespan for Social Work by K.P. Stoddart, B. Muskat, & S.J. Southey
SECTION TWO: Theoretical and Historical Influences in Autism, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 3: Enough is enough! A critical disability interrogation of social work’s approaches to working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by K.M. David, M.S. Khan & Y. El-Lahib
Chapter 4: Human Rights Focused Social Work Practice for People Labelled with Intellectual Disabilities by S. Hutton & K. Joffe
Chapter 5: “I would like to be a parent”: Intimate Citizenship Rights for People with Intellectual Disabilities by A. Fudge Schormans, D. McCormick, J. Drassinower, P. Cochrane, P. Marese, S. McKhail, S. Rowley & T. Myerscough
Chapter 6: Social Work in Government: Through a Deinstitutionalization Lens by S. Conant
Chapter 7: Save your Tears for Another day: A Mother's story of Pre-natal Screening and Down Syndrome by J. Crowson
SECTION THREE: Practice Topics and Approaches in Autism Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 8: Social Workers Achieving Positive Outcomes Using Family Systems Interventions by J. D. Munro
Chapter 9: Mental Health in Autistic Adolescents and Adults by Kevin P. Stoddart
Chapter 10: The Mindful Social Worker: Cultivating a Conscious Practice with Autistic Individuals and their Families by K. Dillon & S. Moeser
Chapter 11: Addressing Barriers to Rewarding Work: Employment for People on the Autism Spectrum by T. Simkover
Chapter 12: Do ‘Evidence-Based Practices’ Translate to the Treatment of Mental Health Concerns in Individuals Labelled with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities? by J. Kennedy-Raimondo
Chapter 13: Autism, Mental Health, and the Law: Forging Social Work Practice in Forensic Settings by R. Morris


This volume provides a range of perspectives, practices, and ideas relative to social work’s engagements with individuals living with autism, intellectual disability and developmental disabilities. Contributors in this peer-reviewed volume include social work practitioners, academic and community-based researchers, educators, activists, and self-advocates. Reflecting different ways of theorizing, speaking about, and working with people with autism, intellectual disability and developmental disabilities, it explores both tensions and possibilities for social work practice, research, education, advocacy and policy development that better meet their needs and desires for their lives.