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The Canadian Career of the Fourth Earl of Minto

The Education of a Viceroy

By Carman Miller
Subjects History, Canadian History, Biography & Autobiography
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Paperback : 9781554585540, 172 pages, May 1980


The Governor-General of Canada was an influential political figure of major significance at the turn of the century. The Fourth Earl of Minto, who held this office from 1898 to 1904, is regarded by some Canadian historians as a romantic hero and by others as a bungling instrument of British imperialist designs. According to the author of this monograph, he was neither. Aided by an examination of Minto's early life and personal character and an analysis of the existing political institutions, the author describes the way in which Minto discharged his duties as Governor General during this period of political change in Canada and Britain.

Informative and well documented, the study will be useful to students of Canadian history and politics.