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The Cross and the Rising Sun

The Canadian Protestant Missionary Movement in the Japanese Empire, 1872-1931

By A. Hamish Ion
Subjects Religion, History
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Hardcover : 9780889209770, 304 pages, May 1990
Paperback : 9781554582150, 336 pages, September 2009
Paperback : 9781554582167, 336 pages, September 2009


Drawing on both Canadian and Japanese sources, this book investigates the life, work, and attitudes of Canadian Protestant missionaries in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (the three main constituent parts of the pre-1945 Japanese empire) from the arrival of the first Canadian missionary in East Asia in 1872 until 1931. Canadian missionaries made a significant contribution to the development of the Protestant movement in the Japanese Empire. Yet their influence also extended far beyond the Christian sphere. Through their educational, social, and medical work; their role in introducing new Western ideas and social pursuits; and their outspoken criticism of the brutalities of Japanese rule in colonial Korea and Taiwan, the activities of Canadian missionaries had an impact on many different facets of society and culture in the Japanese Empire. Missionaries residing in the Japanese Empire served as a link between citizens of Japan and Canada and acted as trusted interpreters of things Japanese to their home constituents.


"A study so solidly based on primary sources is rare in the fields relating to the history of Christianity in Japan. "

- Yuzō Ōta, McGill University