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The Selected Papers of Sir Arthur Currie

Diaries, Letters, and Report to the Ministry, 1917-1933

Edited by Mark Humphries
Subjects History, Military History, Battlefield Guides
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Paperback : 9780978344122, 408 pages, May 2008

Table of contents

Table of Contents for
The Selected Papers of Sir Arthur Currie: Diaries, Letters, and Reports to the Ministry, 1917–1933 by Mark Humphries

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Notes on Sources and the Text

Part I: Diaries and Correspondence, 1917–1919

Corps Commander, May–December 1917

Corps Commander, 1918

Corps Commander, January–August 1919

Part II: Interim Report on the Operations of the Canadian Corps during the Year 1918

First Period, 1 January–21 March

Second Period, 21 March–7 May

Third Period, 7 May–15 July

Fourth Period, 15 July–11 November

Fifth Period, 11 November–31 December

Part III: Correspondence and Personal Papers, 1919–1933

Inspector General of Militia, August 1919–April 1920

Principal of McGill University, April 1920–November 1933

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The Selected Papers of Sir Arthur Currie brings to life the troubled world of Canada’s most famous general. Detailed, introspective, and comprehensive, Currie’s prolific writings illuminate events at the front and Canada’s war at home, revealing the legacy of the Great War for Canadian society. Through diaries, letters, and a final report to the government, this book presents a vivid portrait of a very private public figure.

Published by the Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic and Disarmament Studies and distributed by Wilfrid Laurier University Press.


``The many sides of Arthur Currie come through beautifully in this skillfully edited collection. By bringing together a wealth of documents relating to Currie's handling of the Canadian Corps, Mark Humphries has produced a book that will become an essential research tool for the specialist, and will offer the general reader a fascinating glimpse at the challenges faced by one of the greatest commanders of the First World War. ''

- Jonathan Vance, University of Western Ontario

``Sir Arthur Currie, Canada's greatest general, remains an enigmatic figure: hardworking yet boastful; possessed with a brilliant mind for war, while at times paranoid; feted within the Empire and by Canada's allies with medals and recognition, while at home he was accused by some of being a butcher. Mark Humphries has done a service to all Canadians in providing us with an intimate glimpse into Currie's private and public lives, through a selection of the general's letters and diaries. This work provides deep insight into the hidden history of the man, the general, and the Canadians he commanded in the Canadian Corps. ''

- Tim Cook, Canadian War Museum