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Youth, Education, and Marginality

Local and Global Expressions

Edited by Kate Tilleczek & H. Bruce Ferguson
Series SickKids Community and Mental Health Hide Details
Paperback : 9781554586349, 264 pages, April 2013
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554583294, 264 pages, June 2013
Ebook (PDF) : 9781554586547, 264 pages, May 2013

Table of contents

Table of Contents for
Youth, Education, and Marginality: Local and Global Expressions, edited by Kate Tilleczek and H. Bruce Ferguson


Introduction: Living Intersections of Marginality | Kate Tilleczek and Bruce Ferguson

Youth Art: Marginalized Youth | Kira Duff

Opening Words: Youth Poetry and Prose

Bloodline | Tammy Lou

A Changing World | Selina Jacqueline Peters

Because I Am a Survivor | Sabnam Mahmuda

Examining Our Environments | Farrah Chanda Aslam

Chapter 1: Humanities-Infused Praxis by, with, and for Youth: Esoteric Hope | Kate Tilleczek and Karima Kinlock

Youth Art: Finding Hope | Tamir Holder

Chapter 2: Young People Speaking Back from the Margins | John Smyth

Youth Art: Grey Matters | Zera Koutchieva

Chapter 3: The Unique Status of Marginalization: The Birth of Youth-Empowering Parents | Agazi Afewerki and Mohammed Shafique

Youth Art: Hunger Collage | Sarah Laurin

Chapter 4: Marginal Spaces, Disparate Places: Educational and Youth Practices in a Globalizing World | Jean Mitchell

Youth Art: On the Coast | Elliott Tilleczek

Chapter 5: A Time for Dreams: The Right to Education for First Nations Children and Youth Living On-Reserve | Jennifer King, Chelsea Edwards, and Cindy Blackstock

Youth Art: The Blue Bliss | Angel Ho

Chapter 6: Marginalization Inside Education: Racialized, Immigrant, and Aboriginal Youth | Joanna Anneke Rummens and George J. Sefa Dei

Youth Art: Barbed Wire | Elliott Tilleczek

Chapter 7: Marginalized Youth in Education: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Exclusion in Canada and the United Kingdom | Andy Furlong

Youth Art: Tears and Fears | Anwesha Sen

Chapter 8: On Being Poor in School | Kate Tilleczek

Chapter 9: Still Sleeping in the “Gay Tent”? Queer Youth in Canadian Schools | Tom Hilton

Youth Art: Two Young Men | Elliott Tilleczek

Chapter 10: Narrative Understandings of Lives in (and out) of Schools | Vera Caine, Sean Lessard, Pam Steeves, and D. Jean Clandinin

Youth Art: The Blue Brain Kid | Bria Dobson

Chapter 11: Does Special Education Marginalize Young People? The Need for Evidence-Informed Practices | Peter Chaban

Youth Art: Pieces of Me | Andrea Bunnie

Chapter 12: Using Visual Arts to Enhance Mental Health Literacy in Schools | Katherine M. Boydell

Conclusion: Moving Forward: With, For, and By Youth | Kate Tilleczek and Bruce Ferguson

Closing Words: Youth Poetry and Prose

Marginalized | Mallory Goss

At Risk | Lishai Pell

Forgetting the Meaning of. .. | Maryam Sharif-Razi

I Am from. .. | Alicia Fry



Youth, Education, and Marginality: Local and Global Expressions is a close examination of the lives of marginalized young people in schools. Essays by scholars and educators are complemented by youth poetry, prose, and visual art.

The book includes insights from Australia, United Kingdom, Polynesia, United States, and Canada and is grounded in educational and community practice and policy. The content covers the range and intersections of marginalization: poverty, Aboriginal cultures, immigrants and newcomers, gay/lesbian youth, rural–urban divides, mental health, and so forth. Presenting challenges faced by marginalized youth alongside initiatives for mitigating their impact, the contributors critique existing systems and engage in a dialogue about where to go from here.