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(Re)Generation contains selected poetry by Anishinaabe writer Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm that deals with a range of issues: from violence against Indigenous women and lands to Indigenous erotica and the joyous ...

Make the World New

By Lillian Allen
Edited by Ronald Cummings
Categories: Poetry
Series: Laurier Poetry

Lillian Allen is one of the leading creative Black feminist voices in Canada. Her work has been foundational to the dub poetry movement, which swept across the Black diaspora in the 1980s, taking roots/routes ...

Current, Climate

Current, Climate is an introduction to the environmental and social-justice poetry of Rita Wong. Selections from her poetic oeuvre show how Wong has responded to local and global inequities with outrage, ...

Chenivir kilwaariyaa lupes utipaachimuwin waaswaanipiihch uhchiiu = Chenivir kalwaariyaa lwaapes utipaachimuwin, waaswaanipiiuiinuu / L'histoire de Jennifer Gloria Lowpez de Waswanipi

Jennifer's life is falling apart and she escapes into booze, cocaine, and junk food. When they're not numbing enough, she slits a vein and tries to die but that doesn't work either. She has to try something ...

Chaanithin lintin utipaachimuwin mistisiniihch uhchiiu / Chaanathan lintan utipaachimuwin, mistisiniiuiinuu / L'histoire de Jonathan Linton de Mistissini

Fifteen-year-old Jonathan Linton is an elite hockey player, headed for the big leagues, when he gets a diabetes diagnosis. If people find out about it, everything changes. He has to keep it secret. A ...

Emilii weslii utipaachimuwin uchepukumuu uhchiiu / Emilii weslii utipaachimuwin, uchepukumuuiinuu / L'histoire d'Emily Wesley d'Oujé-Bougoumou

Emily's mom, the most important person in her life, has diabetes and she's getting sicker by the day. She needs a kidney transplant. Emily wants to donate her kidney but the doctor refuses to take it ...

Chaak utir utipaachimuwin waaswaanipiihch uhchiiu / Chaak atar utipaachimuwin, waaswaanipiiuiinuu / L'histoire de Jack Otter de Waswanipi

When Jack is 18, he's diagnosed with diabetes but isn't told he can do anything about it, so he doesn't. He falls into comas, he loses vision and needs eye surgery, his leg is amputated and then amputated ...

Rus siwaalu utipaachimuwin chisaasiipiihch uhchiiu / Raas siwaalwaa utipaachimuwin, chisesiipiiuiinuu / L'histoire de Rose Swallow de Chisasibi

When Rose was in high school, she saw a girl in the bathroom injecting a needle into her leg. A heroin addict, she thought, right here in my school!. But then she learned about a new disease, creeping ...

?? ????? ??? ???? ??? ??????????? ???????? ?????? / ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ???????????, ??????????? / L’histoire de Maggie Happyjack et Simon Etapp de Waswanipi

From The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee, The Story of Maggie Happyjack and Simon Etapp of Waswanipi In Northern East Cree, French, Southern East Cree, and English.

Angela Etapp Waaskaa'iganishing Gaa-onjiid Odibaajimowin

From The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee, the story of Angela Etapp of Waskaganish. In Ojibwe and English.