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A Township at War

By Jonathan F. Vance
Categories: History

A Township at War is the story of one community, the southern Ontario township of East Flamborough, during the First World War. It takes the reader from rural Canadian field and farm to the slopes of Vimy ...

Wittgenstein's Ethics and Modern Warfare

This original and insightful book establishes a reciprocal relationship between Ludwig Wittgenstein’s notion of ethics and the experience of war. It puts forth an interpretation of Wittgenstein’s ...


By Arthur Haberman
Categories: History

The year 1930 can be seen as the dawn of a period of darkness, the beginning of a decade that Auden would style “low, dishonest.” That year was one of the most reflective moments in modernity. After ...

Debating Rights Inflation in Canada

Human rights has become the dominant vernacular for framing social problems around the world. In this book, Dominique Clément presents a paradox in politics, law, and social practice: he argues that ...

Unruly Penelopes and the Ghosts

Edited by Eva Darias-Beautell
Categories: Cultural Studies

This collection of essays studies the cultural and literary contexts of narrative texts produced in English Canada over the last forty years. It takes as its starting point the nationalist movement of ...

The Daughter’s Way

The Daughter’s Way investigates negotiations of female subjectivity in twentieth-century Canadian women’s elegies with a special emphasis on the father’s death as a literary and political watershed. ...

A History of Icelandic Film

A History of Icelandic Film looks at the emergence of Icelandic cinema from its beginnings to present day, with a special emphasis on feature-length fiction films made since the Icelandic Film Fund was ...

Cubism and Futurism

By R. Bruce Elder
Series: Film and Media Studies

Cubism and futurism were closely related movements that vied with each other in the economy of renown. Perception, dynamism, and the dynamism of perception—these were the issues that passed back and ...

Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace

Edited by Linda M. Morra and Jessica Schagerl
Categories: Social Science
Series: Life Writing

Women’s letters and memoirs were until recently considered to have little historical significance. Many of these materials have disappeared or remain unarchived, often dismissed as ephemera and relegated ...

Ornithologies of Desire

Ornithologies of Desire develops ecocritical reading strategies that engage scientific texts, field guides, and observation. Focusing on poetry about birds and birdwatching, this book argues that attending ...