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The Moral Mystic

Mysticism is condemned as often as it is praised. Much of the condemnation comes from mysticism’s apparent disregard of morality and ethics. For mystics, the experience of “union” transcends all ...

Political Theology in the Canadian Context

Edited by Benjamin G. Smillie
Subjects: Religion
Series: SR Supplements

This collection focusses on the proposition "that theology is at its best when it is political, and politics is saved from a secular ideology when it listens to a theological critique." The editor draws ...

Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhism

Har Dayal's The Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhist Sanskrit Literature published in 1931 was the first extensive study in English of the Bodhisattva doctrine. Dayal discussed the Bodhisattva doctrine as ...

Developments in Buddhist Thought

Edited by Roy C. Amore
Subjects: Religion, Eastern Religions
Series: SR Supplements

Nine Canadian scholars of Buddhism consider philosophical and cultural issues in Buddhist thought. Part I, “On Being,” discusses the philosophical problem of Being in the school of the Middle Way, ...

Native Religious Traditions

An edited version of the proceedings of the Symposium of Elders and Scholars held at the University of Alberta, September 1977, including seminars with the elders of various Native peoples and papers ...

Language in Indian Philosophy and Religion

Edited by Harold Coward
Subjects: Religion, Philosophy
Series: SR Supplements

The papers published in this volume were originally read and discussed at a three day seminar sponsored by the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion/Societie Canadienne des Sciences Religieuses at ...

Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy of Religion

Following a critical review of previous theological scholarship on Heidegger and a survey of North American philosophy of religion, the book examines Heidegger’s philosophy of religion and its influence ...

Mystics and Scholars

In September of 1976 a group of some fifty scholars and practising mystics gathered at the University of Calgary. The chief objective of the Conference was to ponder and assess the nature of mysticism ...

Footnotes to a Theology

The essays which are brought together here were originally delivered during the first colloquium of the Karl Earth Society of North America. It met at Victoria University in Toronto on October 26 to 28, ...