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The Social Uplifters

By Brian J. Fraser
Subjects: Religion
Series: SR Supplements

The Social Uplifters examines the Social Gospel among Canadian Presbyterians prior to the First World War. The book explores the theology, social context, and the strategies of the leaders of the Presbyterian ...

Modernity and Religion

Edited by William Nicholls
Subjects: Religion
Series: SR Supplements

"It would be possible to argue," writes William Nicholls, "that the pivotal subject of debate among theologians for the past two hundred years has been the relationship between modernity and the Christian ...

Young Man Shinran

The Japanese Pure Land master Shinran (1173–1262) was a product of his age. His angst in the period of the decay of the Dharma, his subsequent search for spiritual liberation, and his ultimate discovery ...

Studies in the Book of Job

Edited by Walter E. Aufrecht
Subjects: Religion
Series: SR Supplements

The four essays in this volume present an overview of current issues in studies of the book of Job. The opening essay, by Williams, deals with major aspects of Joban research: new commentaries, Near Eastern ...

The Moral Mystic

Mysticism is condemned as often as it is praised. Much of the condemnation comes from mysticism’s apparent disregard of morality and ethics. For mystics, the experience of “union” transcends all ...

Political Theology in the Canadian Context

Edited by Benjamin G. Smillie
Subjects: Religion
Series: SR Supplements

This collection focusses on the proposition "that theology is at its best when it is political, and politics is saved from a secular ideology when it listens to a theological critique. " The editor draws ...

Native Religious Traditions

An edited version of the proceedings of the Symposium of Elders and Scholars held at the University of Alberta, September 1977, including seminars with the elders of various Native peoples and papers ...

Mystics and Scholars

In September of 1976 a group of some fifty scholars and practising mystics gathered at the University of Calgary. The chief objective of the Conference was to ponder and assess the nature of mysticism ...

Footnotes to a Theology

The essays which are brought together here were originally delivered during the first colloquium of the Karl Earth Society of North America. It met at Victoria University in Toronto on October 26 to 28, ...