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Edited by Alastair McKinnon
Subjects: Philosophy, Education

Recently, a conference of scholars considered resources and results in Kierkegaard research. In part one, "Resources," J. C. McLelland gives a short account of the acquisition of the Malantschuk collection ...

Mobility, Elites and Education in French Society of the Second Empire

Based on a unique historical source, this book examines the social origins, career expectations, and first jobs of 28,000 students in the “elitist” French secondary schools of the 1860s. Using sophisticated ...

Humanities in the Present Day

Edited by John Woods & Harold Coward
Subjects: Education

This collection of addresses presented at the Official Inauguration of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Calgary, in February 1978, is edited by the Dean and the Associate Dean of the Faculty. ...

Biological Sciences at the National Research Council of Canada

By N. Gridgeman
Subjects: Education

This monograph describes the work of the Division of Biological Sciences of the National Research Council of Canada. Part One deals with scientific research in agriculture and other areas from 1916 until ...

Lyulph Stanley

Lyulph Stanley, the uncle of Bertrand Russell, was an influential and articulate aristocrat who believed that every child should learn from a good teacher in a comfortable building. He championed the ...

The Practical Vision

The Practical Vision: Essays in English Literature in Honour of Flora Roy contains essays offered as a tribute on the occasion of Dr. Flora Roy’s retirement as a Canadian university teacher of English. ...

Values Education

Values—those intangible guideposts—serve as standards and perceptual screens which assist us in selecting our priorities for reflection and action. Our quest is to clarify, compare, and form values ...