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Television Advertising in Canadian Elections

Can the strategy of negative political advertising developed in the United States succeed in Canada, or does this kind of advertising do more harm than good?

The year 1988 saw elections in both the United ...

A Body of Vision

Elder examines how artists such as Brakhage, Artaud, Schneemann, Cohen and others have tried to recognize and to convey primordial forms of experiences. He argues that the attempt to convey these primordial ...

Scholarly Communication in the Next Millennium

Profound changes in the production, acquisition and use of scientific and scholarly knowledge have occurred since World War II.

Scholarly Communication in the Next Millennium explores a rich mosaic of ...


By Peggy Gale
Subjects: Film & Media

When the video camera first appeared on the market, artists hailed the newly available equipment as the new pencil, the better canvas, the best eye of all. The medium was exciting and revolutionary: low-cost ...