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Centre and Periphery, Roots and Exile

This book examines the impact place and displacement can have on the composition and interpretation of Western art music, using as its primary objects of study the work of István Anhalt (1919–2012), ...

Unheard Of

The memoir of renowned Canadian composer John Beckwith recounts his more than sixty years in creative output and music education. His life story is a slice of Canadian cultural history.

Canadian composer ...

Music Traditions, Cultures, and Contexts

Music Traditions, Cultures, and Contexts is a tribute to the ethnomusicologist Beverley Diamond in recognition of her outstanding scholarly accomplishments. The volume includes essays by leading ethnomusicologists ...

Eagle Minds

Eagle Minds—a selection from the correspondence between the Canadian composer and scholar Istvan Anhalt and his American counterpart George Rochberg—is a splendid chronicle and a penetrating analysis ...

Sacred Sound

Edited by Guy L. Beck
Subjects: Religion, Music

This innovative book explores religion through music, the only art form named after a divinity and one of the most universally recognized forms of human experience.

Music has been documented from prehistory ...

Vita Laudanda

Ulrich Leupold was associated with Wilfrid Laurier University from 1945-1970. Throughout the twenty-five-year period he taught music history and appreciation, Greek, and religious studies courses in the ...