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SOCIAL SCIENCE: Multiculturalism

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Eat Local, Taste Global

Eat Local, Taste Global: How Ethnocultural Food Reaches Our Tables shows how the demand for ethnocultural vegetables on the part of Toronto’s South Asian, Chinese, and Afro-Caribbean Canadians is at ...

Conflict and Compromise in Multilingual Societies: Switzerland

After the French Revolution, Switzerland developed from a country in which German dominated linguistically into a confederation of four officially recognized language groups — German, French, Italian, ...

Conflict and Compromise in Multilingual Societies: Finland

Conflict and Compromise, Volume 3: Finland examines historical and developmental patterns during the Swedish, Russian and post-independence periods of Finland’s history. McRae outlines Finland’s changing ...

The Invisible French

Since the Second World War, Toronto's image as a rather staid, predominantly British community, has been transformed through massive immigration into what has been aptly described as a "salad bowl" of ...