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Canada and the Métis, 1869-1885

By D.N. Sprague
Foreword by Thomas R. Berger
Subjects History, Canadian History, Indigenous Studies
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Paperback : 9780889209640, 216 pages, August 2009

Table of contents

Table of Contents for
Canada and the Métis, 1869–1885 by D. N. Sprague with foreword by Thomas R. Berger

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1. Historiographical Introduction

2. Acquiring Canada’s First Colony

3. Asserting Canadian Authority Over Assiniboia

4. Negotiating with Delegates from the North West

5. Eliminating the Riel Factor from Manitoba Politics

6. “Unlocking” the Territory for “Actual Settlers”

7. Amending the Manitoba Act

8. Completing the Dispersal of the Manitoba Métis

9. Reaching for the Commercial Value of the North West

10. Confronting Riel and Completing the CPR


Note on Sources and Method

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“In this book, Professor D. N. Sprague tells why the Métis did not receive the land that was supposed to be theirs under the Manitoba Act. ... Sprague offers many examples of the methods used, such as legislation justifying the sale of the land allotted to Métis children without any of the safeguards ordinarily required in connection with transactions with infants. Then there were powers of attorny, tax sales—any number of stratgems could be used, and were—to see that the land intended for the Métis and their families went to others. All branches of the government participated. It is a shameful tale, but one that must be told. ”

— from the foreword by Thomas R. Berger


"If Canada and the Métis causes serious scholarly re-examination of other accepted assumptions about the Métis, then the history of Canada stands to benefit. "

- Native Studies Review, 5

". .. sufficiently important to establish Canada and the Métis as the new interpretive standard. "

- Canadian Book Review Annual