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Lydia Dotto

Lyndia Dotto, science writer and author of Planet Earth in Jeopardy, was invited to attend the conference and write a stimulating book presenting the synthesis of knowledge resulting from the papers and ...

Roger Hutchinson

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Brian J. Fraser

Brian J. Fraser is a professor of Church History at the Vancouver School of Theology.

Alan Davies

Alan Davies is a professor of Religion at the University of Toronto and is an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada. His other books include How Silent were the Churches? Canadian Protestantism ...

Jack N. Lightstone

Jack N. Lightstone is Vice-President Academic at Concordia University in Montreal. His previous publications include Society, the Sacred, and Scripture in Ancient Judaism and The Rhetoric of the Babylonian ...

W.R. Chadwick

W.R. Chadwick taught drama at the University of Waterloo. He has written several plays, including Emma Orr which won the Ontario Playwight’s Showcase, The Cyclone, and A Question of Degree, winner of ...

Joseph W. Lella

Joseph W. Lella is Associate Professor of Medical Sociology and Chair of the Department of the Humanities and Social Studies in Medicine at McGill University.