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Girls, Texts, Cultures

Edited by Clare Bradford & Mavis Reimer
Subjects Cultural Studies, Social Science, Gender Studies, Literary Criticism, Children’s Literature
Series Studies in Childhood and Family in Canada Hide Details
Paperback : 9781771120203, 339 pages, April 2015
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771120227, 339 pages, June 2015
Ebook (PDF) : 9781771120210, 339 pages, May 2015

Table of contents

Table of Contents Girls, Texts, Cultures, edited by Clare Bradford and Mavis Reimer
Introduction: Girls, Texts, Cultures: Cross-disciplinary Dialogues | Clare Bradford and Mavis Reimer
I Contemporary Girlhoods and Subjectivities
1. From Girlhood, Girls, to Girls' Studies: The Power of the Text | Dawn H. Currie
2. On Secrets, Lies, and Fiction: Girls Learning the Art of Survival | Kerry Mallan
3. Disgusting Subjects: Consumer-Class Distinction and the Affective Regulation of Girl Desire | Elizabeth Bullen
4. Still Centre Stage? Reframing Girls' Culture in New Generation Fictions of Performance | Pamela Knights
II The Politics of Girlhood
5. Warrior Girl and the Searching Tribe: Indigenous Girls' Everyday Negotiations of Racialization under Neocolonialism | Sandrina de Finney and Johanne Saraceno
6. Girls' Texts, Visual Culture, and Shifting the Boundaries of Knowledge in Social Justice Research: The Politics of Making the Invisible Visible | Claudia Mitchell
7. "Doing Their bit": The Great War and Transnationalism in Girls' Fiction | Kristine Moruzi
8. Bollywood as a Role Model: Dating and Negotiating Romance | Kabita Chakraborty
III Settling and Unsettling Girlhoods
9. Movable Morals: Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Flap Books and Paper Doll Books for Girls as Interactive "Conduct Books" | Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
10. Wild Australian Girls? The Mythology of Colonial Femininity in British Print Culture, 1885-1926 | Michelle J. Smith
11. Dynamic (Con)Texts: Close Readings of Girls' Video Gameplay | Stephanie Fisher, Jennifer Jenson, and Suzanne de Castell
12. Reading Smart Girls: Post-Nerds in Post-Feminist Popular Culture | Shauna Pomerantz and Rebecca Raby


This book focuses on girls and girlhoods, texts for and about girls, and the cultural contexts that shape girls’ experience. It brings together scholars from girls’ studies and children’s literature, fields that have traditionally conducted their research separately, and the collaboration showcases the breadth and complexity of girl-related studies.
Contributors from disciplines such as sociology, literature, education, and gender studies combine these disciplinary approaches in novel ways with insights from international studies, postcolonial studies, game studies, and other fields. Several of the authors engage in activist and policy-development work around girls who experience poverty and marginalization. Each essay is concerned in one way or another with the politics of girlhood as they manifest in national and cultural contexts, in the everyday practices of girls, and in textual ideologies and agendas.
In contemporary Western societies girls and girlhood function to some degree as markers of cultural reproduction and change. The essays in this book proceed from the assumption that girls are active participants in the production of texts and cultural forms; they offer accounts of the diversity of girls’ experience and complex significances of texts by, for, and about girls.


[Girls, Texts, Cultures] is an exciting exercise in crossfertilization across two already diverse and interdisciplinary camps of scholars who often have too little of an opportunity to learn from one another. Cheers for the conference that generated this book and for the editors’ efforts in bringing its findings to publication. Long may the conversations continue.

- Claudia Mills, English Studies in Canada, 2017