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Listening Up, Writing Down, and Looking Beyond

Interfaces of the Oral, Written, and Visual

Edited by Susan Gingell & Wendy Roy
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Hardcover : 9781554583645, 388 pages, April 2012
Paperback : 9781554584741, 388 pages, September 2018
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554583935, 388 pages, August 2012
Ebook (PDF) : 9781554583928, 388 pages, August 2012


Listening Up, Writing Down, and Looking Beyond is an interdisciplinary collection that gathers the work of scholars and performance practitioners who together explore questions about the oral, written, and visual. The book includes the voices of oral performance practitioners, while the scholarship of many of the academic contributors is informed by their participation in oral storytelling, whether as poets, singers, or visual artists. Its contributions address the politics and ethics of the utterance and text: textualizing orature and orality, simulations of the oral, the poetics of performance, and reconstructions of the oral.