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Luther and the Radicals

Another Look at Some Aspects of the Struggle Between Luther and the Radical Reformers

By Harry Loewen
Subjects Religion, History
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Paperback : 9780889200081, 208 pages, June 1974
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554587360, 208 pages, October 2010


Luther and the Radicals, written by a Mennonite scholar, seeks to understand the reasons for the clash between Luther and the Anabaptist radical religious reformists.
In their zeal to tell the true story of sixteenth-century radicalism, some sympathizers of the Anabaptist movement have portrayed the once maligned individuals and groups as innocent, pious people who suffered cruel persecution at the hands of the wicked state-churchmen. Their side of the story is thus often as one-sided as was the story of the enemies of Anabaptism. This book keeps Luther, however, in a central position, exploring the issues that led to the Reformer’s attitude toward the radicals and analyzing the principles that were at stake in his struggle with the dissident groups.