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Moving Together

Dance and Pluralism in Canada

Edited by Allana C. Lindgren, Batia Boe Stolar, and Clara Sacchetti
Subjects Performing Arts, Ethnography, Cultural Studies
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Hardcover : 9781771124836, 387 pages, April 2021
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771124843, May 2021

Table of contents

Table of Contents

Moving Together: Dance and Pluralism in Canada


Introduction / Allana C. Lindgren and Batia Boe Stolar

Section One: Setting the Stage

1. Dancing Pluralism in Canada: A Brief Historical Overview / Allana C. Lindgren

Section Two: The Discourses of Pluralism

2. Embodying the Canadian Mosaic: The Great West Canadian Folk Dance, Folk Song, and Handicraft Festival, 1930 / Anne Flynn

3. Olé, eh?: Canadian Multicultural Discourses and Atlantic Canadian Flamenco / Batia Boe Stolar

4. Illuminating a Disparate Diaspora: Fijian Dance in Canada / Evadne Kelly

5. Ukrainian Theatrical Dance on the Island: Speaking Back to National and Provincial Images of Multicultural Cape Breton / Marcia Ostashewski

6. Zab Maboungou: Trance and Locating the Other / Bridget E. Cauthery

Section Three: Identity Formation and Artistic Agency

7. A Contemporary Global Artist’s Perspective / Hari Krishnan

8. Re-imagining the Multicultural Citizen: ‘Folk’ as Strategy in the Japanese Canadians’ 1977 Centennial National Odori Concert / Lisa Doolittle

9. Dance as a Curatorial Practice: Performing Moving Dragon’s Koong at the Royal Ontario Museum / Allana C. Lindgren

10. Kinetic Crossroads: Chouinard, Sinha and Castello / Dena Davida

Section Four: Education and the Processes of Normalization

11. From Inclusion to Integration: Intercultural Dialogue and Contemporary University Dance Education / Danielle Robinson and Eloisa Domenici

12. A Dance Flash Mob, Canadian Multiculturalism, and Kinesthetic Groupness / Janelle Joseph

13. Contemporary Indigenous Dance in Canada / Carolyne Clare and Samantha Mehra in conversation with Santee Smith

14. “There Is the Me That Loves to Dance”: Dancing Cultural Identities in Theatre for Young Audiences / Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

Section Five: Building Coalitions / Belonging to Communities

15. The Presence and Future of Danish Folk Dancing in Canada / Suzanne Jaeger

16. Glimpses of a Cultural Entrepreneur / Yasmina Ramzy in conversation with P. Megan Andrews

17. Dance and the Fulfillment of Multicultural Desire: The Reflections of an Accidental Ukrainian / Steven Jobbitt

18. Old Roads, New World: Exploring Collaboration through Kathak and Flamenco / Catalina Fellay



Using dance to rethink race and ethnicity in Canada


Moving Together: Dance and Pluralism in Canada explores how dance intersects with the shifting concerns of pluralism in a variety of racial and ethnic communities across Canada.

Focusing on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, contributors examine a broad range of dance styles used to promote diversity and intercultural collaborations. Examples include Fijian dance in Vancouver; Japanese dance in Lethbridge; Danish, Chinese, Kathak, and Flamenco dance in Toronto; African and European contemporary dance styles in Montréal; and Ukrainian dance in Cape Breton. Interviews with Indigenous and Middle Eastern dance artists along with an artist statement by a Bharata Natyam and contemporary dance choreographer provide valuable artist perspectives. Contributors offer strategies to decolonize dance education and also challenge longstanding critiques of multiculturalism.

Moving Together demonstrates that dance is at the cutting edge of rethinking the contours of race and ethnicity in Canada and is necessary reading for scholars, students, dance artists and audiences, and everyone interested in thinking about the future of racial and ethnic pluralism in Canada.