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Preventing Eating-Related and Weight-Related Disorders

Collaborative Research, Advocacy, and Policy Change

Edited by Gail L. McVey, H. Bruce Ferguson, Michael P. Levine, and Niva Piran
Subjects Psychology
Series SickKids Community and Mental Health Hide Details
Paperback : 9781554583409, 298 pages, November 2012
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554584246, 298 pages, January 2013

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Preventing Eating-Related and Weight-Related Disorders Collaborative Research, Advocacy, and Policy Change, edited by Gail L. McVey, Michael P. Levine, Niva Piran, and H. Bruce Ferguson
Introduction | Michael P. Levine, Gail L. McVey, Niva Piran, and H. Bruce Ferguson
I. Working with Larger and Broader Systems
Chapter 1: Prevention, Prevention Science, and an Ecological Perspective: A Framework for Programs, Research, and Advocacy | Michael P. Levine and Gail L. McVey
Chapter 2: Prevention of Disordered Eating through Structural Change: The Population Health Framework and Lessons from Case Studies in Intensive Community-Based Intervention | Lindsay McLaren and Niva Piran
Chapter 3: Public Health Interventions for Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Disorders: Learning from Victoria | Susan Paxton
Chapter 4: Mass Media 1: A Primer on Media Literacy’s Role in Prevention of Negative Body Image and Disordered Eating | Michael P. Levine and Joe Kelly
Chapter 5: Mass Media 2: Advocacy, Activism, and Social Change in the Digital Era: the Potential of Cyber-Action | Manuela Ferrari
II. Risk, Resilience, and Prevention
Chapter 6: Risk and Protective Factors in Body Image Problems: Implications for Prevention | Linda Smolak
Chapter 7: The Developmental Theory of Embodiment | Niva Piran and Tanya Teall
Chapter 8: Gender and the Prevention of Eating Disorders | Niva Piran and Linda Smolak
Chapter 9: Eating Disorders and Obesity: Epidemiology and the Perception of Risk | Leora Pinhas and Benjamin Taylor
Chapter 10: Socio-Economic Position, Social Inequality, and Weight-Related Issues | Lindsay McLaren, Janet deGroot, Carol E. Adair, and Shelly Russell-Mayhew
Conclusion | Gail L. McVey, Michael P. Levine, Niva Piran, and H. Bruce Ferguson


This book presents a collection of writings by expert researchers from Canada, the United States, and Australia who are committed to finding common cause and common ground in the prevention of eating disorders and obesity.
The ten chapters in this book seek to create a new public health approach to the prevention of weight-related disorders, one that counters the confusion and frustration from public policies, messages, and programs that recipients of prevention efforts often experience. The first section looks at prevention from a public health perspective, and the second section highlights theories from risk and resilience research that can inform the prevention of weight-related disorders. The contributions are varied in their theories and models, but woven throughout is the theme of collaboration in changing public institutions and social systems that promotes universal prevention and fosters mental health and resilience. Unique methods of linking systems and fostering partnerships across sectors and disciplines are highlighted, and readers are exposed to innovative ideas of how to move the field of prevention science forward to reduce the onset of negative body image, unhealthy weight management, eating disorders, and disordered eating.
Preventing Eating-Related and Weight-Related Disorders is the second in a series of titles from The Community Health Systems Resource Group at The Hospital for Sick Children. This series will educate researchers, policy-makers, students, practitioners, and interested stakeholders on such topics as early intervention in psychosis, aggressive behaviour problems, eating-related disorders, and marginalized youth in educational contexts.