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Science, Technology and Canadian History

Les Sciences, la technologie et l’histoire et l’histoire

Edited by Norman R. Ball & Richard A. Jarrell
Subjects Technology & Engineering, History, Canadian History
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Paperback : 9780889200869, 264 pages, May 1980


The first Conference on the Study of the History of Canadian Science and Technology, held in Kingston, Ontario in November 1978, marks the emergence of a new Canadian discipline. This wide-ranging, bilingual collection of papers and workshops includes contributions by some of the historians, scientists, educators, students, archivists, and government representatives present at the conference. The papers discuss the nature of the new field, its objectives, and the problems of resources, funding, publishing, and practical uses which face historians of Canadian science and technology. Records of the workshops convey the flavour of excitement present at the conference. Included in the volume are an extensive bibliography and listings of museums and available collections, research in progress, and conference participants.