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Fall/Winter 2023

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Quiet Rebels

“It’s a girl!” the Ontario press announced, as Canada’s first woman lawyer was called to the Ontario bar in February 1897. Quiet Rebels explores experiences of exclusion among the few women ...

Tours Inside the Snow Globe

The toppling of monuments globally in the last few years has highlighted the potency of monuments as dynamic and affectively loaded participants in society.
In the context of Ottawa, Canada’s capital ...

Rivers in Rock

This richly illustrated book is both a visitor’s guide to one of southwestern Ontario’s most striking landforms – the Elora Gorge on the Upper Grand River – and a thorough, accessible introduction ...

The Frankfurt Kabuff Critical Edition

Edited by Beth Driscoll & Claire Squires
Categories: Publishing

When violence breaks out at the stands of far-right publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Beatrice Deft is provoked into action. An alienated Australian high school teacher who finds herself at the centre ...

A War Guest in Canada

During the Second World War, hundreds of children were sent from the UK to stay with family and friends in Canada as “war guests.” This book collects the letters of one such war guest, young W.A.B ...

A Possible Trust

By Ronna Bloom
Edited by Phil Hall

Series: Laurier Poetry

With compassion, humour and sharp-eyed irreverence, Ronna Bloom's work has made a significant impact on Canadian poetry. A Possible Trust is selected from her work to date.
Bloom writes concisely of the ...