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E. Dianne Looker

E. Dianne Looker, a Canada Research Chair in Equity and Technology, has undertaken several longitudinal surveys focusing on youth in a changing society and has provided expert advice to numerous policy groups and government departments. Her recent work looks at the ways in which the shift to more of an information society has affected equity for subgroups of youth in Canada and abroad.

Ted D. Naylor is currently studying men’s health, bio-politics, and health policy in the Interdisciplinary PhD program at Dalhousie University in Halifax. He is also a research manager and associate for the Health, Illness, Men and Masculinities Project (HIMM), Dalhousie University. Prior to this role, Naylor was the project coordinator for the Equity and Technology Project, led by Dianne Looker at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Books By E. Dianne Looker