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Aysan Sev’er

Aysan Sev’er is a professor of sociology at the University of Toronto. She is the founding editor of the Women’s Health & Urban Life Journal and the recipient of the Canadian Person’s Day Award (1998), Canadian Sociology & Anthropology Association Service Award (2001), Daughters of Ataturk Award (2003), and the Canadian Women’s Studies Association Book Award (2004). Her most recent book, on honour-killings in southeastern Turkey, is forthcoming.

Jan E. Trost is a professor emeritus of sociology at Uppsala University, Sweden. He is Honorary President of the Committee on Family Research of the International Sociological Association. In 1999 the National Council on Family Research inaugurated the Jan Trost Award for Outstanding Contributions to Family Studies. He has published hundreds of articles and more than forty books. His work has focused mainly on theory development of symbolic interaction and in application on family and disaster studies as well as sexology.

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