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Plotting the Reading Experience

This book is about the experience of reading–what reading feels like, how it makes people feel, how people read and under what conditions, what drives people to read, and, conversely, what halts the ...

The Frankfurt Kabuff Critical Edition

Edited by Beth Driscoll & Claire Squires
Categories: Publishing

When violence breaks out at the stands of far-right publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Beatrice Deft is provoked into action. An alienated Australian high school teacher who finds herself at the centre ...

A War Guest in Canada

During the Second World War, hundreds of children were sent from the UK to stay with family and friends in Canada as “war guests.” This book collects the letters of one such war guest, young W.A.B ...

A Possible Trust

By Ronna Bloom
Edited by Phil Hall

Series: Laurier Poetry

With compassion, humour and sharp-eyed irreverence, Ronna Bloom's work has made a significant impact on Canadian poetry. A Possible Trust is selected from her work to date.

Bloom writes concisely of the ...

Sporting Justice

By Miriam Wright
Categories: History

Although many know about Jackie Robinson’s experiences breaking major league baseball’s colour barrier in 1947, few are familiar with the Chatham Coloured All-Stars, a Black Canadian team from 1930s ...

Performing Female Blackness

Performing Female Blackness examines race, gender, and nation in Black life using critical race, feminist and performance studies methodologies.

This book examines what private and public performances ...

Salomania and the Representation of Race and Gender in Modern Erotic Dance

Salomania and the Representation of Race and Gender in Modern Erotic Dance situates the 1908 dance craze, which The New York Times called “Salomania,” as a crucial event and a turning point in the ...

A Different Species of Breathing

By Sue Goyette
Edited by Bart Vautour
Afterword by Erin Wunker

Series: Laurier Poetry

What can it look like for poetry to bear witness? What might it feel like for a poem to keep company? A Different Species of Breathing: The Poetry of Sue Goyette offers an introduction to the work ...


Essential reading for those interested in questions of justice and cultural representation, Land/Relations speaks to and moves beyond the critical junctures in the study of Canadian literatures today. ...

Indigenous Media Arts in Canada

Edited by Dana Claxton & Ezra Winton
Categories: Film & Media

Indigenous and settler scholars and media artists discuss and analyze crucial questions of narrative sovereignty, cultural identity, cultural resistance, and decolonizing creative practices.

Humans are ...