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Community Music at the Boundaries

Edited by Lee Willingham
Categories: Education

Music lives where people live. Historically, music study has centred on the conservatory, which privileges the study of the Western European canon and Western European practice . The Eurocentric way music ...


By (artist) Barry Ace
Foreword by Suzanne Luke
By Armand Garnet Ruffo
Categories: Art

Coalesce is a fusion of distinct Anishinaabeg aesthetics of the Great Lakes region with refuse from Western society’s technological and digital age in order to intentionally shift an object’s materiality ...

Literatures, Communities, and Learning

Literatures, Communities, and Learning: Conversations with Indigenous Writers gathers nine conversations with Indigenous writers about the relationship between Indigenous literatures and learning, and ...


By T. Joseph Scanlon
Edited by Roger Sarty
Categories: History

Catastrophe weaves together compelling stories and potent lessons learned from the calamitous Halifax explosion—the worst non-natural disaster in North America before 9/11.

On December 6, 1917, the ...

'Membering Austin Clarke

Edited by Paul Barrett
Categories: Literary Criticism

'Membering Austin Clarke reflects on the life and writing of Austin Clarke, whose depictions of Black life in Canada enlarged our understanding of what Canadian literature looks like.

Despite being one ...

mahikan ka onot

By Duncan Mercredi
Edited by Warren Cariou
Categories: Poetry
Series: Laurier Poetry

mahikan ka onot collects the finest work of accomplished Indigenous poet Duncan Mercredi, from his first book in 1991 to recent unpublished poems. These are poems of life on the land as well as life in ...

Emily Wesley Odibaajimowin imaa Ozhibogamong

Emily's mom, the most important person in her life, has diabetes and she's getting sicker by the day. She needs a kidney transplant. Emily wants to donate her kidney but the doctor refuses to take it ...

Jennifer Gloria Lowpez Odibaajimowin imaa Waaswaanibiing

Jennifer's life is falling apart and she escapes into booze, cocaine, and junk food. When they're not numbing enough, she slits a vein and tries to die but that doesn't work either. She has to try something ...

Jack Otter Odibaajimowin imaa Waaswaanibiing

When Jack is 18, he's diagnosed with diabetes but isn't told he can do anything about it, so he doesn't. He falls into comas, he loses vision and needs eye surgery, his leg is amputated and then amputated ...

Jonathan Linton Odibaajimowin imaa Mistaasiniing

Fifteen-year-old Jonathan Linton is an elite hockey player, headed for the big leagues, when he gets a diabetes diagnosis. If people find out about it, everything changes. He has to keep it secret. A ...