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Boom Kids

The baby boomers and postwar suburbia remain a touchstone. For many, there is a belief that it has never been as good for youngsters and their families, as it was in the postwar years. Boom Kids explores ...

Multispecies Modernity

Multispecies Modernity: Disorderly Life in Postcolonial Literature considers relationships between animals and humans in the iconic spaces of postcolonial India: the wild, the body, the home, and the city. ...

Prison Life Writing

By Simon Rolston
Categories: Social Science
Series: Life Writing

Prison Life Writing is the first full-length study of one of the most controversial genres in American literature. By exploring the complicated relationship between life writing and institutional power, ...

The Queer Evangelist

A queer minister, politician and staunch activist for LGBTQ rights, Cheri DiNovo went from living on the streets as a teenager to performing the first legalized same-sex marriage registered in Canada ...

On the Other Side(s) of 150

On the Other Side(s) of 150 explores the different literary, historical and cultural legacies of Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations. It asks vital questions about the ways that histories and stories ...

Moving Together

Moving Together: Dance and Pluralism in Canada explores how dance intersects with the shifting concerns of pluralism in a variety of racial and ethnic communities across Canada.

Focusing on the twentieth ...

The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee

The second edition of the groundbreaking collection The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee includes an epilogue with an update on each storyteller.

Ruth DyckFehderau and twenty-seven storytellers offer a rich ...

Community Music at the Boundaries

Edited by Lee Willingham
Categories: Music

Music lives where people live. Historically, music study has centred on the conservatory, which privileges the study of the Western European canon and Western European practice . The Eurocentric way music ...


By (artist) Barry Ace
Foreword by Suzanne Luke
Contributions by Armand Garnet Ruffo
Categories: Indigenous Studies

Coalesce is a fusion of distinct Anishinaabeg aesthetics of the Great Lakes region with refuse from Western society’s technological and digital age in order to intentionally shift an object’s materiality ...

Literatures, Communities, and Learning

Literatures, Communities, and Learning: Conversations with Indigenous Writers gathers nine conversations with Indigenous writers about the relationship between Indigenous literatures and learning, and ...