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A Holiday Special from the Archives featuring Neale Barnholden!

Season's Greetings Witches!

In this most magical of seasons, we are bringing you a bright star from our archives—a holiday special featuring Neale Barnholden! We hope this fun, slightly chaotic episode brings some warmth and joy to your hearts. As this episode comes from an earlier era of Witch Please, there are some things you should know:

1. Recorded back in 2015, this episode is a goofy mix of genuine and deeply ironic commentary. For example, our remarks about The Fellowship of the Ring being racist are all genuine; our remarks that a woman riding a horse unaccompanied by a man is unrealistic and lewd are DEEPLY ironic.

2. There are a number of references to and discussion of drinking (we were drinking when we recorded this episode).

3. Some of our language is more ableist than we would use today (e.g. "crazy," "dumb," "blind").

4. I (Marcelle) refer to baby hippogriff using the pronoun "he," which is incorrect. Eliot uses she/her pronouns.

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