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Book 3, Ep.4 | Disability and Resistant Readings with with Tea Gerbeza

Greetings, Witches!

In this episode, we're once again applying a disability studies lens to the wizarding world. This time, we're looking at questions of access, accommodation, and community support for characters we might read as disabled in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We're joined by disabled poet and visual artist, Tea Gerbeza, who is an MFA in Writing candidate at the University of Saskatchewan. With Tea, we dive deep into the interpretation of Remus Lupin as a disabled character whose existence and bodily difference as a werewolf marks him in sharp contrast to normative wizarding society. We explore alternate futures for Lupin where, instead of social isolation and mistreatment, Lupin is met with the resources and accommodation he needs. We discuss the vital importance of community support for disabled people that goes beyond the limitations of formal institutions. For Tea, to read Lupin as disabled is to resist the failure of this text to meaningfully include disabled perspectives, and we invite you to join us in this expansive, resistant reading!

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