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Bonus Ep: Witch, Please After 8: A Holidate

Hey Witches! We’re dropping this Bonus Episode into your feed as a little end-of-year thank you for everything you’ve done to make the Witch, Please reboot such a success. You’ve listened to the show, shared it with family and friends, and joined our Patreon. Instead of making resolutions for the New Year, give yourself the gift of bonus content from Witch, Please by joining at the $2, $5, $10, $13, or $30 tier! We are releasing the Zoom footage from our recording on our Patreon — so you can listen to this bonus episode as a podcast, but if you become a Patron, you can WATCH us chaotically record it with a crying, barfing baby-screwt. If you pay annually, you’ll get 10% off and if you join before January 1st, you’ll help us unlock a Live Witch, Please Tell Me Q&A for all patrons. We're hoping to $5000/month and we're just inches away!

If becoming a patron is currently not in the financial cards — we get it! You can support our work by continuing to share the show with your hot friends, rich crushes and fun cousins. By far the best part of making Witch, Please is getting to know you, our listeners, who share unique interests and expertise with us on social, via Patreon, and in our Apple Reviews. Thank you for listening and happy (almost) New Year.

We'll be back in two weeks with a new episode about The Order of the Phoenix.

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