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Book 5, Episode 8 | Mad Studies

In this episode we're joined by Aisha Wilks (she/her) for a dive into Mad Studies. Pulling on past episodes about Disability Studies, Critical Race Theory, Lycanthropy as Metaphor, PTSD and The Prison Industrial Complex, we take a look at St. Mungo's, the Longbottoms, Luna Lovegood and other representations of madness throughout Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Aisha guides us through a review of the social and medical models of disability — and helps us understand the "good" and "bad" mad characters who exist within the series. If Order of the Phoenix isn't your favorite book because of Harry's attitude and general dismay, then this episode is for you! Not only are you in good company (Aisha is not a fan of this particular book), but you may also walk away with some more insight as to why it doesn't work for you!

Content Warning: We just want to give you a heads up that we discuss mental illness, suicide, forced incarceration — and trauma more generally. Of course do what's best for you and skip this episode if that feels right!

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