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Anne McWhir

Anne McWhir is a professor of English at the University of Calgary and has written extensively on William Wordsworth, Mary Shelley and P. B. Shelley.

Marcela Cristi

Marcela Cristi is an assistant professor of sociology at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Trudy Govier

Trudy Govier is a Canadian philosopher with an enduring interest in the ethics and politics of peace. She is the author of the widely used text A Practical Study of Argument and several other books.

Anne Innis Dagg

Anne Innis Dagg earned a biology degree from the University of Toronto and a PhD in animal behaviour from the University of Waterloo. She is the author of The Feminine Gaze: A Canadian Compendium of Non-Fiction ...

Henry G. Schogt

Henry G. Schogt
was born in the Netherlands in 1927, just before the great Depression. His high school years coincided with the German occupation, growing material hardships, and the infamous extermination ...

Peter Harcourt

Peter Harcourt is the author of Six European Directors: Speculations on the Meaning of Film Style.

Tracy J. Trothen

Tracy J. Trothen is an associate professor of theology and ethics at Queen’s School of Religion, Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario. She is the author of over twenty scholarly publications, including ...