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Bruno Jasienski

His Evolution from Futurism to Socialist Realism

By Nina Kolesnikoff
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Paperback : 9781554585120, 158 pages, January 1983
Ebook (PDF) : 9780889207417, 158 pages, January 1983


Bruno Jasieński was a bilingual Polish-Russian writer who died in exile in Siberia in 1939. This volume traces his literary evolution. The introductory biographical sketch is followed by a discussion of Jasieński's contribution to Polish poetry, specifically the Futurist movement which, like its parallels in Russia and Italy, revolutionized poetic language. An analysis and evaluation of Jasieński's prose work sheds light on the relationship between politics and literature in early twentieth-century Poland and Russia. Most of Jasieński's novels and short stories were written in the approved Soviet tradition of Socialist Realism. His Man Changes His Skin is considered one of the best Soviet industrial novels of the 1930s.
The author's comprehensive and skillful treatment of Jasieński's literary production, the first to appear in English, also makes a valuable contribution to the knowledge of Futurism in Eastern Europe and Socialist Realism in the Soviet Union. The volume contains numerous quotations from Polish and Russian literature, both in English translation (prepared by the author) and in the original. It will be of interest to students of Slavic literature, comparative literature, and the literature of ideology.