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Canada and the Second World War

Essays in Honour of Terry Copp

Edited by Geoffrey Hayes, Mike Bechthold, and Matt Symes
Subjects History, Military History, Canadian History
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Paperback : 9781554586295, 500 pages, May 2012
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554586462, 500 pages, February 2013

Table of contents

Table of Contents for
Canada and the Second World War: Essays in Honour of Terry Copp, edited by Geoffrey Hayes, Mike Bechthold, and Matt Symes

Foreword | John Cleghorn


1 Introduction

2 Terry Copp's Approach to History | Mark Osborne Humphries

The Home Front

3 “To Hold on High the Torch of Liberty”:Canadian Youth and the Second World War | Cynthia Comacchio

4 Fighting a White Man's War? First Nations Participation in the Canadian War Effort, 1939–1945 | Scott Sheffield

5 Harnessing Journalists to the War Machine: Canada's Domestic Press Censors in the Second World War | Mark Bourrie

6 Dangerous Curves: Canadian Drivers and Mechanical Transport in Two World Wars | Andrew Iarocci

7 How C. P. Stacey Became the Army's Official Historian The Writing of The Military Problems of Canada, 1937-1940 | Roger Sarty

The War of the Scientists

8 “Strike Hard, Strike Sure”: Bomber Harris, Precision Bombing, and Decision Making in RAF Bomber Command | Randall Wakelam

9 Leadership and Science at War: Colonel Omond Solandt and the British Army Operational Research Group, 1943–1945 | Jason Ridler

10 Wartime Military Innovation and the Creation of Canada's Defence Research Board | Andrew Godefroy

The Mediterranean Theatre

11 Overlord's Long Right Flank: The Battles for Cassino and Anzio, January–June 1944 | Lee Windsor

12 A Sharp Tool Blunted: The First Special Service Force in the Breakout from Anzio | James A. Wood

13 La culture tactique canadienne: le cas de l'opération Chesterfield, 23 mai 1944 | Yves Tremblay

14 Knowing Enough Not to Interfere: Lieutenant-General Charles Foulkes at the Lamone River, December 1944 | Douglas E. Delaney

Northwest Europe

15 No Ambush, No Defeat: The Advance of the Vanguard of the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 7 June 1944 | Marc Milner CORRECTION: Free download of updated version of Chapter 15

16 Defending the Normandy Bridgehead: The Battles for Putot-en-Bessin, 7–9 June 1944 | Mike Bechthold

17 Operation Smash and 4 Canadian Armoured Division's Drive to Trun | Angelo Caravaggio

18 A History of Lieutenant Jones | Geoffrey Hayes

The Aftermath

19 A Biography of Major Ronald Edmond Balfour | Michelle Fowler

20 The Personality of Memory: The Process of Informal Commemoration in Normandy | Matt Symes

21 An Open Door to a Better Future: The Memory of Canada's Second World War | Jonathan F. Vance


Terry Copp: A Select Bibliography


Terry Copp’s tireless teaching, research, and writing has challenged generations of Canadian veterans, teachers, and students to discover an informed memory of their country’s role in the Second World War. This collection, drawn from the work of Terry’s colleagues and former students, considers Canada and the Second World War from a wealth of perspectives.

Social, cultural, and military historians address topics under five headings: The Home Front, The War of the Scientists, The Mediterranean Theatre, Normandy/Northwest Europe, and The Aftermath. The questions considered are varied and provocative: How did Canadian youth and First Nations peoples understand their wartime role? What position did a Canadian scientist play in the Allied victory and in the peace? Were veterans of the Mediterranean justified in thinking theirs was the neglected theatre? How did the Canadians in Normandy overcome their opponents but not their historians? Why was a Cambridge scholar attached to First Canadian Army to protect monuments? And why did Canadians come to commemorate the Second World War in much the same way they commemorated the First?

The study of Canada in the Second World War continues to challenge, confound, and surprise. In the questions it poses, the evidence it considers, and the conclusions it draws, this important collection says much about the lasting influence of the work of Terry Copp.

Foreword by John Cleghorn.


"In one sense, the book. a simple but elegant testimony by colleagues and former students to [Terry Copp's] eminence as a scholar and teacher; on another, it speaks loudly about the vibrancy and depth of Canadian military history that has developed over the past quarter century. "

- Brian JC McKercher, Cercles

"The . .. authors featured in this publication . .. are well qualified academically to contribute to this collection of scholarly essays . ... all of which are well written and highly readable. ... The topics in such a collection are varied and eclectic, something which is often a weakness of such publications. In this case, however, the essays succeed, for the most part, in complementing each other. What ties them together, beyond the very general theme of Canadian participation in World War II, is that, taken together, they show how the study of Canadian military history—specifically World War II history—fits into the broader subject of the study and interpretation of Canadian history and the evolution of the field. :

- Aldona Sendzikas, Labour/Le Travail, 72, Fall 2013

"Asks familiar questions but provides new answers. ... While many of the essays take a traditional military history approach and come to new insights through a careful reinterpretation of the sources, other sections also deal with the social and political history of the home front and the cultural impact of the war and its aftermath. ... This volume provides much that is new and interesting about Canada's war effort, embracing different historical approaches but emphasizing the importance of evidence-based historical interpretation. Terry Copp has taught his students well, and this book is a fitting Festschrift honoring his distinguished career. "

- Angelike Sauer, Yearbook of German American Studies, Spring 2015