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The Canadian Battlefields in Normandy

A Visitor’s Guide

By Terry Copp & Mike Bechthold
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Paperback : 9780978344146, 128 pages, April 2008
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Table of contents

Table of Contents for The Canadian Battlefields in Normandy: A Visitor’s Guide, 3rd edition by Terry Copp and Mike Bechthold

D-Day and the Airborne Bridgehead

The Airborne Bridgehead




St. Aubin-sur-Mer

The American and British Landing Areas

The Bridgehead Battles, 7 June to 12 June 1944

The Tour

Carpiquet and Caen

The Tour

Verrières Ridge

Operation “Goodwood” and “Atlantic”

Operation Spring

The Tour

Operation “Totalize”

The Tour

Operation “Tractable” and the Falaise Gap

Operation “Tractable”

Closing the Pocket

The Tour

Where to Stay in Normandy


Appendix 1–First Canadian Army in Normandy

Appendix 2–Organization of Army Units

Appendix 3–The Royal Canadian Air Force in Normandy

Appendix 4–Suggested Readings


A revised edition of the bestselling guidebook by one of Canada’s foremost military historians brings the Normandy campaign to life with never-before-seen full-colour photographs. Revised full-colour maps and updated text transport the reader back to the summer of 1944. This guide is essential reading for any Canadian who is contemplating a trip to France.

Published by the Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic and Disarmament Studies and distributed by Wilfrid Laurier University Press.