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Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada

Translation and Transculturation / traduction et transculturation

Edited by Norman Cheadle & Lucien Pelletier
Subjects Language Arts & Disciplines, Translation, Cultural Studies
Series Cultural Studies Hide Details
Hardcover : 9780889205192, 432 pages, July 2007
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554586561, 432 pages, April 2011

Table of contents

Table of Contents for
Canadian Cultural Exchange: Translation and Transculturation / Échanges culturels au Canada : traduction et transculturation, edited by Norman Cheadle and Lucien Pelletier


Norman Cheadle

Part I
Transitive Canada (1): From Where to Here? / Un Canada transitif (1). En amont

La voix de l’Autre dans certains récits de voyage de l’Ouest canadien au temps de la Nouvelle-France | Alexandra Kinge et Alan MacDonell

The Creative Translator: Textual Additions and Deletions in A Martyr’s Folly | Albert Braz

“I am become Aaron”: George Elliott Clarke’s Execution Poems and William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus | Susan Knutson

Part II
Cultural Appropriation Revisited / L’appropriation culturelle reconsidérée

Latin-Americanizing Canada | José Antonio Giménez-Micó

Transculturation and Cultural Exchange in Jane Urquhart’s Away and Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach | Shelley Kulperger

Transculturation in George Elliott Clarke’s Whylah Falls: or, When Is It Appropriate to Appropriate? | Laurence Steven

Repatriating Arthur Nortje | George Elliott Clarke

Part III
The Transcultural Body / Le corps transculturel

I Write My Self: The Female Body as a Site of Transculturation in the Short Stories of Carmen Rodríguez | Carol Stos

Cantique du corps métis. La critique du mythe colonial dans Cantique des plaines de Nancy Huston | Jimmy Thibeault

Part IV
Reconfiguring the Solitudes: Two plus other(s) / Deux solitudes quelques autre

La migration culturelle de Robert Dickson Propos recueillis | Lucien Pelletier

A Reduced Solitude: Eugen Giurgiu’s Ewoclem sau întortocheatele cărări [Ewoclem, or The Twisted Paths] as Romanian-Canadian Literature | Stephen Henighan

Polylingual Identities: Writing in Multiple Languages | Hugh Hazelton

La latinité des Québécois á l’épreuve | Victor Armony

Canadian Counterpoint: Don Latino and Dona Canadiense in José Leandro Urbina’s Collect Call (1992) and Ann Ireland’s Exile (2002) | Norman Cheadle

Appendix: The Uninvited Guest | Ann Ireland

Part V
Transitive Canada (2): From here to where? / Un Canada transitif (2). En aval

Translating North and South: Elizabeth Bishop, Biography, and Brazil | Neil Besner

Dry Lips Moves to Tokyo: Does Indigenous Drama Translate? | Beverley Curran

Out of the Shadows: Translators Take Centre Stage | Judith Woodsworth

Postface. Transculturation et mémoire | Lucien Pelletier

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The essays in Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada provide a nuanced view of Canadian transcultural experience. Rather than considering Canada as a bicultural dichotomy of colonizer/colonized, this book examines a field of many cultures and the creative interactions among them. This study discusses, from various perspectives, Canadian cultural space as being in process of continual translation of both the other and oneself.

Les articles réunis dans Canadian Cultural Exchange / Échanges culturels au Canada donnent de l’expérience transculturelle canadienne une image nuancée. Plutôt que dans les termes d’une dichotomie biculturelle entre colonisateur et colonisé, le Canada y est vu comme champ où plusieurs cultures interagissent de manière créative. Cette étude présente sous de multiples aspects le processus continu de traduction d’autrui et de soi-même auquel l’espace culturel canadien sert de théâtre.


``This anthology . .. is a broad-ranging and inclusive collection of essays examining the ways in which Canadian literary productions are created at the intersections of identities and language. ... Moving translation away from the restricted space of French-English bilingualism is one of the major achievements of this volume. It begins a much-needed discussion of the interrelations between translation and multiculturalism--two zones of Canadian policy and experience which have been maintained in artificially separate frames. ... A lively introduction traces out a network of connections between the many varieties of literary identities and languages represented in the book--including essays on First Nations, Latin American, Franco-Ontarian, and Afro-Canadian authors. The book's editors avoid defining their topics by identity, however, choosing instead to divide the essays into five thematically defined sections--the first section with a more historical perspective, the second on cultural appropriation, the third on the transcultural body, the fourth on `reconfiguring the solitudes,' and the fifth on future directions. A finely argued Postface completes the collection. ... '' The editors of the book practice the language politics that they preach, including articles in French as well as English. For allowing both languages to figure in the book, they thank their publisher, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, for `bucking the parochial trend' in the publishing industry (p. xxii). Indeed, it has become exceedingly rare for publishers to print volumes containing essays in more than one language. This well-edited and timely volume makes a powerful argument: translation and transculturalism are powerful forces working within Canadian literary creation. ''

- Sherry Simon, The American Review of Canadian Studies, Spring 2008

``This collection differs from many studies on literary translation partly because of its corpus, which by no means exhaustive, as Cheadle explains in his introduction, gives a voice to Others who do not always have a literary space to be heard, except in translation. What is particularly interesting is that it opens up the definition of translation to explore, challenge, and reconfigure traditional notions of `the cultural interactions and transactions among ethnicities. '''

- Natasha Dagenais, Canadian Literature, Number 198, Autumn 2008