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Chenivir kilwaariyaa lupes utipaachimuwin waaswaanipiihch uhchiiu = Chenivir kalwaariyaa lwaapes utipaachimuwin, waaswaanipiiuiinuu / L'histoire de Jennifer Gloria Lowpez de Waswanipi

The Story of Jennifer Gloria Lowpez of Waswanipi

By Ruth DyckFehderau
With James Bay Cree Storytellers
Translated by Luci Bobbish-Salt, Louise Blacksmith, and Valérie Duro
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Paperback : 9781989796030, 40 pages, September 2021


Jennifer's life is falling apart and she escapes into booze, cocaine, and junk food. When they're not numbing enough, she slits a vein and tries to die but that doesn't work either. She has to try something else. A remarkable story about addiction recovery. In Northern East Cree, French, Southern East Cree, and English.