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Clinical Pastoral Supervision and the Theology of Charles Gerkin

By Thomas St. James O’Connor
Subjects Religion
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Paperback : 9780889203105, 168 pages, March 1998
Ebook (PDF) : 9780889206618, 168 pages, January 2006

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Clinical Pastoral Supervision and the Theology of Charles Gerkin by Thomas St. James O’Connor
Chapter 1: The Field of Clinical Pastoral Supervision
Chapter 2: Three Approaches in the Praxis of Clinial Pastoral Supervision
Chapter 3: Gerkin’s Incarnational Theology
Chapter 4: Gerkin’s Theological Anthropology
Chapter 5: Gerkin’s International Theology and the Praxis of Clinical Pastoral Supervision
Chapter 6: An Adequate Transformed Praxis
Chapter 7: Conclusion
Glossary of Key Terms


In the last twenty years, the number of texts written on clinical pastoral supervision has accelerated. Thomas St. James O’Connor analyzes these texts, nearly 300 of them, in light of three fundamental questions about the praxis of clinical pastoral supervision: (1)what is distinctive about the praxis? (2)what is an appropriate theological method for the praxis? and, (3)what is an adequate praxis? In doing so, he formulates three approaches: the social science, the hermeneutic and the special interest.
Looking at the theology of Charles Gerkin, a pastoral theologian and family therapist, O’Connor develops a conversation between Gerkin’s theology and the texts. The theological methods in the three approaches are critiqued and Gerkin’s praxis/theory/praxis method is endorsed. Case examples are used throughout to illustrate theory and issues discussed and to aid in the presentation of an adequate praxis.
Clinical Pastoral Supervision and the Theology of Charles Gerkin provides a unique overview of the history and current state of clinical pastoral supervision and an understanding of its methodology and theological foundations. More than that, it builds on the practical theory of Charles Gerkin, expanding it for immediate use in the practice of ministry.


This concise volume has well-defined chapter headings and a practical glossary of key terms which I personally found beneficial reading....O'Connor's book is a good example of employing Gerkin's methodology of praxis/theory/praxis....In summary, CPE supervisors owe Thomas St. James O'Connor a word of thanks, and their students should glean insight into `adding theology to clinical supervision and stirring.'

- Dorothy E. Shelly, Journal of Pastoral Care