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Creating Together

Participatory, Community-Based, and Collaborative Arts Practices and Scholarship across Canada

Edited by Anita Sinner & Diane Conrad
Subjects Art, Cultural Studies
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Paperback : 9781771120234, 290 pages, March 2015
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771120258, 290 pages, April 2015
Ebook (PDF) : 9781771120241, 290 pages, March 2015

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Creating Together: Participatory, Community-Based, and Collaborative Arts Practices and Scholarship across Canada, edited by Diane Conrad and Anita Sinner
Foreword | Rita L. Irwin
Introduction | Anita Sinner and Diane Conrad
I Participatory Arts Practices
Sharing the Talking Stones: Theatre of the Oppressed Workshops as Collaborative Arts-based Health Research with Indigenous Youth | Warren Linds, Linda Goulet, Jo-Ann Episkenew, Karen Schmidt, Heather Ritenburg, and Allison Whiteman
Uncensored: Participatory Arts-based Research with Youth | Diane Conrad, Peter Smyth, and Wallis Kendal
The Co-creation of a Mural Depicting Experiences of Psychosis | Katherine M. Boydell, Brenda M. Gladstone, Elaine Stasiulis, Tiziana Volpe, Bramilee Dhayanandhan, and Ardra L. Cole
Participatory Action-based Design Research: Designing Digital Stories Together with New Immigrant/Refugee Communities for Health and Well-being | Narueen Mumtaz
The Use of Staged Photography in Community-based Participatory Research with Homeless Women: Methodological Learnings | Izumi Sakamoto, Matthew Chin, Natalie Wood, and Josie Ricciardi
II Community-Based Arts Scholarship
The Living Histories Ensemble: Sharing Authority Through Play, Storytelling, and Performance in the Aftermath of Collective Violence | Nisha Sajnani, Warren Linds, Alan Wong, Lisa Ndejuru, Lucy Lu, Paul L. Gareau, and David Ward
Co-activating Beauty, Co-narrating Home: Dialogic Live Art Performance and the Practice of Inclusiveness | Devora Neumark
Using Drama to Build Community in Canadian Schools | George Belliveau
Witnessing Transformations: Art with a Capital ‘C‘—Community and Cross-cultural Collaboration | Nancy Bleck
III Collaborative Arts Approaches
Wombwalks: Re-attuning with the m/Other | Barbara Bickel, Medwyn McConachy, and Nané Jordan
Seeing Through Artistic Practices: Collaborations Between an Artist and Researcher | Vera Caine and Michelle Lavoie
Soot and Subjectivity: Uncertain Collaboration | Patti Pente and Pat Beaton
Arts-based Representation of Collaboration: Explorations of a Faculty Writing Group | Heather McLeod, Sharon Penney, Rhonda Joy, Cecile Badenhorst, Dorothy Vaandering, Sarah Pickett, Xuemei Li, and Jacqueline Hesson
A Poetic Inquiry on Passive Reflection: A Summer Day Breeze | Sean Wiebe, Lynn Fels, Celeste Snowber, Indrani Margolin, and John J. Guiney Yallop
About the Contributors


Creating Together explores an emerging approach to research that combines arts practices and scholarship in participatory, community-based, and collaborative contexts in Canada across multiple disciplines. Looking at a variety of art forms, from photography and mural painting to performance art and poetry, the contributors explore how the process of creating together generates and disseminates collective knowledge.
The artistic processes and works in an arts-based approach to scholarship make use of aesthetic, experiential, embodied, and emotional ways of knowing and creating knowledge in addition to traditional intellectual ways. The anthology also addresses the growing trend in arts-based research that takes a participatory, community-based, or collaborative focus, and encourages scholars to work together, with other professionals, and with community groups to explore questions, create knowledge, and express shared understandings. The collection highlights three forms of research: participatory arts-based research that engages participants in all stages of the inquiry and aims to produce practical knowing to benefit the community; community-based arts research that has community/public space at the heart of practice; and collaborative arts approaches involving multi-levelled, multi-layered, and interdisciplinary collaboration from diverse perspectives.
To illustrate how such innovative work is being accomplished in Canada, the collection includes examples from British Columbia to Newfoundland and across disciplines, including the fine arts, education, the health sciences, and social work.