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Editing as Cultural Practice in Canada

Edited by Dean Irvine & Smaro Kamboureli
Subjects Literary Criticism, Canadian Literature
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Paperback : 9781771121118, 335 pages, May 2016
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771120944, 335 pages, May 2016
Ebook (PDF) : 9781771120937, 335 pages, May 2016

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Editing as Cultural Practice in Canada, edited by Dean Irvine and Smaro Kamboureli
1. Literary and Editorial Theory and Editing Marian Engel | Christl Verduyn
2. “We think differently. We have a different understanding”: Editing Indigenous Texts as an Indigenous Editor | Kateri Akiwenzie
3. Toward Establishing an–or the–“Archive” of African-Canadian Literature | George Elliott Clarke
4. Project Editing in Canada: Challenges and Compromises | Carole Gerson
5. Editing in Canada: The Case of L.M. Montgomery | Irene Gammel and Benjamin Lefebvre
6. The Material and Cultural Transformation of Scholarly Editing in Canada | Zailig Pollock
7. Editing Without Author(ity): Martha Ostenso, Periodical Studies, and the Digital Turn | Hannah McGregor
8. Editing the Letters of Wilfred and Sheila Watson, 1956-1961: Scholarly Edition as Digital Practice | Paul Hjartarson, Harvey Quamen, and EMiC UA
9. The Politics of Recovery and the Recovery of Politics: Editing Canadian Writing on the Spanish Civil War | Bart Vautour
10. Keeping the Code: Narrative and Nation in Donna Bennett and Russell Brown's An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English | Robert Lecker
11. Performing Editors: Juggling Pedagogies in the Production of Canadian Literature in English: Texts and Contexts | Laura Moss and Cynthia Sugars
12. Labours of Love and Cutting Remarks: The Affective Economies of Editing | Heather Milne and Kate Eichhorn
13. bpNichol, editor | Frank Davey
14. Air, Water, Land, Light, and Language: Reflections on the Commons and Its Contents | Robert Bringhurst
15. The Ethically Incomplete Editor | Darren Wershler


This collection of essays focuses on the varied and complex roles that editors have played in the production of literary and scholarly texts in Canada. With contributions from a wide range of participants who have played seminal roles as editors of Canadian literatures—from nineteenth-century works to the contemporary avant-garde, from canonized texts to anthologies of so-called minority writers and the oral literatures of the First Nations—this collection is the first of its kind. Contributors offer incisive analyses of the cultural and publishing politics of editorial practices that question inherited paradigms of literary and scholarly values. They examine specific cases of editorial production as well as theoretical considerations of editing that interrogate such key issues as authorial intentionality, textual authority, historical contingencies of textual production, circumstances of publication and reception, the pedagogical uses of edited anthologies, the instrumentality of editorial projects in relation to canon formation and minoritized literatures, and the role of editors as interpreters, enablers, facilitators, and creators.
Editing as Cultural Practice in Canada situates editing in the context of the growing number of collaborative projects in which Canadian scholars are engaged, which brings into relief not only those aspects of editorial work that entail collaborating, as it were, with existing texts and documents but also collaboration as a scholarly practice that perforce involves co-editing.


  • Runner-up, Gabrielle Roy Prize for Literary Criticism 2016