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Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory

Essays in Honour of Barbara Godard

Edited by Eva C. Karpinski, Ian Sowton, Jennifer Henderson, and Ray Ellenwood
Subjects Literary Criticism, Canadian Literature
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Paperback : 9781554588398, 396 pages, June 2013
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781554588633, 396 pages, October 2013
Ebook (PDF) : 9781554588626, 396 pages, October 2013

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory, edited by Eva C. Karpinski, Jennifer Henderson, Ian Sowton, and Ray Ellenwood
Editors' Introduction | Eva C. Karpinski and Jennifer Henderson
Prolegomenon: Reader at Work: An Appreciation of Barbara Godard | Danielle Fuller
Part One: Textual/Visual Production: Critical Interventions
1 Incisive Literary Critic, Brilliant Theorist, Engaged Teacher, Inspired Translator, Public Intellectual, and Committed Activist—All in the Feminine: The Early Barbara Godard | Louise H. Forsyth
2 Cultural Memory and Tragic Affect in Nancy Huston's The Mark of the Angel | Pamela McCallum
3 Language and Interdisciplinarity: (Re-)contextualizing Nicole Brossard's Picture Theory | Karl E. Jirgens
4 Writing the Museum: Visual Art and Literature: Denise Desautels and Louise Warren | Claudine Potvin
Part Two: Culture/Policy/Institutions
5 Negotiating Literatures in Contiguity: France Daigle in/and Québec | Lianne Moyes and Catherine Leclerc
6 A Lack of Public Memory, a Public Memory of Lack | Phanuel Antwi
7 “The Toil and Spoil of Translation”: A Godardian Reading of the Study-Guide: Discover Canada/Guide d'étude: Découvrir le Canada (2010) | Len M. Findlay
8 Notes toward Thinking Transsexual Institutional Poetics | Trish Salah
Part Three: Translation/Transculturation
9 Voyage autour de la traduction: The Translator as Writer and Theorist | Alessandra Capperdoni
10 Taking Deleuze in the Middle, or Doing Intellectual History by the Letter | Jason Demers
11 Gail Scott and Barbara Godard on “The Main”: Borders, Sutures, Micro-cosmopolitan Interconnectivity, and Translation Studies | Gillian Lane-Mercier
Part Four: Public Memory and the Archive
12 Linked Histories and Radio-Activity in Marie Clements's Burning Vision | Sophie McCall
13 Memory as Fracture: French Mnemotechniques in the Erasure of the Holocaust | Michael Dorland
14 Gender in the Shaping of Public Memory: Arms (Monumental) for Montreal | Sue Lloyd
15 Contested Memories: Canadian Women Writers in and out of the Archive | Barbara Godard
Coda: In the Stacks of Barbara Godard, or Do Not Confuse the Complexity of This Moment with Chaos | Lisa Sloniowski


Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory is a collection of essays written in honour of Barbara Godard, one of the most original and wide-ranging literary critics, theorists, teachers, translators, and public intellectuals Canada has ever produced. The contributors, both established and emerging scholars, extend Godard’s work through engagements with her published texts in the spirit of creative interchange and intergenerational relay of ideas. Their essays resonate with Godard’s innovative scholarship situated at the intersection of such fields as literary studies, cultural studies, translation studies, feminist theory, arts criticism, social activism, institutional analysis, and public memory. In pursuit of unexpected linkages and connections, the essays venture beyond generic and disciplinary borders, zeroing in on Godard’s transdisciplinary practice that has been extremely influential in the way that it framed questions and modeled interventions for the study of Canadian, Québécois, and Acadian literatures and cultures. The authors work with the archives ranging from Canadian government policies and documents, to publications concerning white supremacist organizations in Southern Ontario, online materials from a Toronto-based transgender arts festival, a photographic mural installation commemorating the Montreal Massacre, and the works of such writers and artists as Marie Clements, Nicole Brossard, France Daigle, Nancy Huston, Yvette Nolan, Gail Scott, Denise Desautels, Louise Warren, Rebecca Belmore, Vera Frenkel, Robert Lepage, and Janet Cardiff.