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Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education

Critical Theory and Practice

Edited by Jane Nicholas, Renée Bondy, and Tracy Penny Light
Subjects Social Science, Women’s Studies, Education
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Paperback : 9781771121149, 342 pages, August 2015
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771120982, 342 pages, July 2015

Table of contents

Table of Contents for Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education: Critical Theory and Practice, edited by Tracy Penny Light, Jane Nicholas, and Renée Bondy
Introduction: Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education | Renée Bondy, Jane Nicholas, and Tracy Penny Light
1. A Restorative Approach to Learning: Relational Theory as Feminist Pedagogy in Universities | Kristina Llewellyn and Jennifer Llewellyn
2. Feminist Pedagogy in the UK Classroom: Limitations, Challenges, and Possibilities | Jeannette Silva Flores
3. Activist Feminist Pedagogies: Privileging Agency in Troubled Times | Linda Briskin
4. Classroom to Community: Reflections on Experiential Learning and Socially Just Citizenship | Carm De Santis and Toni Serafini
5. Fat Lessons: Fatness, Bodies, and the Politics of Feminist Classroom Practice | Amy Gullage
6. Engaged Pedagogy Beyond the Lecture Hall: The Book Club as Teaching Strategy | Renée Bondy
7. Teaching a Course on Women and Anger: Learning From College Students about Silencing and Speaking | Judith A. Dorney
8. Beyond the Trolley Problem: Narrative Pedagogy in the Philosophy Classroom | Anna Gotlib
9. The Power of the Imagination-Intellect in Teaching Feminist Research | Susan V. Iverson
10. From Muzzu-Kummik-Quae to Jeanette Corbiere Lavell and Back Again: Indigenous and Feminist Approaches to the First-Year Course in Canadian History | Katrina Srigley
11. Don't Mention the “F” Word: Using Images of Transgressive Texts to Teach Gendered History | Jacqueline Z. Wilson
12. Rethinking “Students These Days”: Feminist Pedagogy and the Construction of Students | Jane Nicholas and Jamilee Baroud
13. Feminist Pedagogies of Activist Compassion: Engaging the Literature and Film of Female Genital Cutting in the Undergraduate Classroom | Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez
14. “I Can't Believe I've Never Seen That Before!”: Feminism, the “Sexualization of Culture,” and Empowerment in the Classroom | Tracy Penny Light
15. Jane Sexes It Up...on Campus? Towards a Pedagogical Practice of Sex | Maggie Labinski


In this new collection, contributors from a variety of disciplines provide a critical context for the relationship between feminist pedagogy and academic feminism by exploring the complex ways that critical perspectives can be brought into the classroom. This book discusses the processes employed to engage learners by challenging them to ask tough questions and craft complex answers, wrestle with timely problems and posit innovative solutions, and grapple with ethical dilemmas for which they seek just resolutions. Diverse experiences, interests, and perspectives—together with the various teaching and learning styles that participants bring to twenty-first-century universities—necessitate inventive and evolving pedagogical approaches, and these are explored from a critical perspective. The contributors collectively consider the implications of the theory/practice divide, which remains central within academic feminism’s role as both a site of social and gender justice and as a part of the academy, and map out some of the ways in which academic feminism is located within the academy today.