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Homeless Youth and the Search for Stability

By Jeff Karabanow, Sean Kidd, Tyler Frederick, and Jean Hughes
Subjects Social Science, Social Work, Sociology
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Paperback : 9781771123334, 150 pages, May 2018
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781771123358, 150 pages, May 2018

Table of contents

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Street Exiting Framework

3 Working Toward Stability

4 The Wickedness of Youth Homelessness: Our Knowledge Mobilization Process

5 A Long Way to Go

6 Ethical Dilemmas in the Field. Reflections on Doing Research

7 Conclusion


Youth are one of the fastest growing segments of the homeless population. Although there has been much research on how youth become homeless and survive on the streets, we know very little about their pathways off the street and the many challenges that present during this process.

This book relates the lived experiences of homeless youth as they negotiate the individual, sociocultural, and economic tensions of transitioning out of homeless and street contexts and cultures. Through interviews the authors gained privileged entry into the lives of youth in Toronto and Halifax over a year-long period.

Through rich qualitative prose, quantitative elaboration, and comic-book narratives, participants spoke of courage, fortitude, strength, adversity, and at times, simple bad luck. Ultimately this became a story of fragility, complexity, living “on the edge,” and the (re)-building of identity.


Experts and professionals in fields of social work, clinical psychology, and nursing present Homeless Youth and the Search for Stability, an in-depth study of why youth are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population, and the challenges they face in the difficult pathway off the streets. Interviews with struggling youth in Toronto and Halifax over a year-long period form an invaluable bedrock of this studious yet compassionate study, ultimately created to aid the search for long-term solutions by better understanding the problems. Homeless Youth and the Search for Stability is highly recommended especially for public and college libary social issues collections.

- Midwest Book Review