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Mythologies and Philosophies of Salvation in the Theistic Traditions of India

By Klaus K. Klostermaier
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Paperback : 9780889201583, 566 pages, December 1984
Ebook (PDF) : 9780889207431, 566 pages, January 2006


Based on exhaustive reference to primary source material, this volume explores the relationships between religious mythologies and religious philosophical system within the theistic traditions in India. Not content merely to explore these relationships, the author further examines the relevance of mythology and philosophy in a discussion of salvation—salvation understood in its sociological, eschatological, and philosophical senses. The treatment of myth and philosophy is comprehensive in scope, pulling together a great variety of sources and commentary, and illuminating them for the Western reader.
This study will be of interest both to students of Indian religions and to students of comparative religion interested in creating a context for the discussion of Eastern and Western religions.