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Political Theology in the Canadian Context

Edited by Benjamin G. Smillie
Subjects Religion
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Paperback : 9780919812161, 270 pages, June 1982


This collection focusses on the proposition "that theology is at its best when it is political, and politics is saved from a secular ideology when it listens to a theological critique." The editor draws parallels between the Canaanite period of Israelite history and the "Liberal Possessive Individualism" that he sees dominating Canadian ideology. Following William Hordern's essay defining political theology, economist Abraham Rotstein examines "The Apocalyptic Tradition: Luther and Marx" and philosopher Kai Nielsen, writing from a atheistic and socialist perspective, asks, "Do We Need a Political Theology?" Dorothee Sölle, eminent student of political theology, writes on "Theology and Liberation.": Two Quebec theologians, Yves Vaillancourt and Guy Bourgeault, give a Christian-Marxist analysis of "Church and Worker in Quebec." Roger Hutchinson provides a concluding summary statement. Responses by Gregory Baum, Patrick Kerans, and the editor enhance the collection. The volume makes clear in the increasing importance of political theology in the study of religion and theneed for increased dialogue between theology and politics.