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SR Supplements

Series Published (until 2015) for the Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion/Corporation Canadienne des Sciences Religieuses.

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God’s Intention for Man

By William Fennell
Subjects: Religion
Series: SR Supplements

This book contains, almost without change in content or style, the Annie Kinkead Warfield Lectures delivered at Princeton Theological Seminary in February, 1974. The theme of the lectures has been well ...

Christ and Modernity

In this re–examination of the roots of the relationship between religion and science, David Hawkin focuses on the concept of autonomy as he explores the question: Is there continuity and compatibility ...

Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhism

Har Dayal's The Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhist Sanskrit Literature published in 1931 was the first extensive study in English of the Bodhisattva doctrine. Dayal discussed the Bodhisattva doctrine as ...

Developments in Buddhist Thought

Edited by Roy C. Amore
Subjects: Religion, Eastern Religions
Series: SR Supplements

Nine Canadian scholars of Buddhism consider philosophical and cultural issues in Buddhist thought. Part I, “On Being,” discusses the philosophical problem of Being in the school of the Middle Way, ...

Language in Indian Philosophy and Religion

Edited by Harold Coward
Subjects: Religion, Philosophy
Series: SR Supplements

The papers published in this volume were originally read and discussed at a three day seminar sponsored by the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion/Societie Canadienne des Sciences Religieuses at ...

Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy of Religion

Following a critical review of previous theological scholarship on Heidegger and a survey of North American philosophy of religion, the book examines Heidegger’s philosophy of religion and its influence ...

Beyond Mysticism

This study of the meaning and the experience of mysticism is a product of the author's personal interest in mysticism and his reflection, as a philosopher, on some of the philosophical questions raised ...

Craving and Salvation

Is there any escape form the awareness of pain and the bonds of an unending cycle of life? Why are human subject to craving" What is the nature human beings? The Buddhist understanding of salvation is ...

Ignatian Spirituality in a Secular Age

While the textual focus of this collection of essays is the Spiritual Exercise of Ignatius of Loyola, the essays are much more than textual analyses; they deal with the tradition and institutions associated ...

Truth and Compassion

These essays represent a multidisciplinary approach to the study of religion and, especially, Judaism.

Setting aside common scholarly concerns with source criticism and history of interpretation, Shimon ...