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Recollections of Waterloo Lutheran University 1960-1973

By Flora Roy
Subjects Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Region, Education
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Paperback : 9780889205024, 144 pages, September 2006

Table of contents

Table of Contents for
Recollections of Waterloo Lutheran University, 1960–1973 by Flora Roy




Chapter 1. Finances

Chapter 2. University Government

Chapter 3. Heresy Hunts

Chapter 4. Values: Family and Otherwise

Chapter 5. Marketing

Chapter 6. The Campus Family and Guests

Chapter 7. Honoured Guests

Chapter 8. Other Visitors

Chapter 9. Academic Relations

Chapter 10. The English Curriculum

Chapter 11. New Programs

Chapter 12. Interdepartmental Majors

Chapter 13. Governance of the English Department

Chapter 14. Student Unrest

Chapter 15. Faculty Unrest

Chapter 16. The Ending




To the very few women who were teaching in Ontario’s universities at the time of the great expansion in the 1960s, Flora Roy is a legendary figure. To many others, academic colleagues and former students, she has continued to be just that through all the years since. ...Flora Roy is unique among Canadian academics. She shepherded her department through perilous times without compromising her standards or adjusting them to meet the noisy demands of fad or faction. The successes and devotion of her students are her continuing testimony. ”
— Clara Thomas, Canadian Woman Studies


Building on the success of her first volume, Recollections of Waterloo College, Flora Roy’s Recollections of Waterloo Lutheran University 1960-1973 continues her personal and anecdotal history of Wilfrid Laurier University. This memoir picks up the story following the institutions transition from Waterloo College, a small college affiliated with the University of Western Ontario, to the independent Waterloo Lutheran University. Documenting student demonstrations and faculty unrest of the 1960s as well as the university’s evolution from a religious to a secular institution, this illustrated book will appeal not only to alumni but to those interested in the history of Kitchener-Waterloo and of postsecondary education in Ontario.

The royalties from the sale of this book will be directed towards funding scholarships.


``This is an excellent companion volume to Roy's first one, Recollections of Waterloo College. Together the two make a major contribution to the histories of universities in Canada. There will undoubtedly be other and lengthier histories of Wilfrid Laurier but, I firmly believe, there will never be one published that has been written with such economy, authority, and authenticity as Flora Roy's two volumes. ''

- Clara Thomas, Canadian Woman Studies, Vo. 26 #1, Winter/Spring 2007

``It has become conventional recently in academic circles to avoid [the] use of the title `Doctor,' presumably out of deference to the medical profession, but Dr. Roy has thus been known on the campus of her university for so long that it strikes us as incongruous to use any other form of address or reference. It is worth recalling, furthermore, that the original meaning of the word `doctor' is teacher, and no one is worthier of that designation than Flora Roy. Dr. Roy has been a teacher--an inspired and distinguished one--virtually all her adult life; and for the past thirty years she has been professor and head of the English Department at the institution known successively as Waterloo College, Waterloo Lutheran University, and (since 1973) Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario. ''

- James Doyle, from The Practical Vision: Essays in English Literature inHonour of Flora Roy, WLU Press, 1978